Darkmoon and Professions

Note: as of the profession changes which Battle for Azeroth brought in, the Darkmoon Faire profession quests only give a +5 skill up to the base vanilla skill, which makes the DMF profession quests worthless now.

See Battle.Net known issue: Darkmoon Faire Profession Quest did not Provide Skill Points

Darkmoon Faire for +5 to professions!

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Mount farming 101 – master post

So far my most popular post has been related to soloing raids – something I’ve mostly done for mounts.

However that post has a problem – it assumes that you’ve done the encounters at the level they were intended for and thus know the mechanics which can be ignored. And those which can’t.

Soloing raids in more details

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Honor rewards in Battle for Azeroth compared to Legion

Battle of Azeroth will soon be upon us and with it, a change to the casual PvP system from Legion.

tl;dr grind as much honor as you can before the pre-patch hits

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Time to bid farewell to professions?

Professions have been in WoW since the start of the game and the system which they’re based on – gather things to make an item, perhaps gaining a skill up in the process, thus being able to make more complex things – hasn’t really changed that much over WoW’s history.

Of late I’ve been pondering if professions should be removed from WoW.

Wait, what?

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Legion and Casual PvP

In Legion casual Player vs Player content has changed a bit from previous expansions.

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Mount farming: A question of class

[See Master Post]

When it comes to soloing raid instances for mounts and mount collecting in general, the classes you use makes difference.

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Withered Away

The Withered Army Training, a solo scenario world quest for the Nightfallen.

Available once you’ve unlocked not just the general World Quests, but also the Nightfallen world quests by gaining the questing achievement Nightfallen, but not forgotten, the Withered Army Training sees you leading a group of Withered through the ruins of Falanaar.

Unfortunately you’re not given very many hints as to how to proceed from there.

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Transmog: shirts

Legion is coming and with it the new wardrobe feature which should free up so much space in banks, bags and void storage. And in my case, guild banks filled up with BoEs as well!

Naturally Blizzard added achievements here, with achievements for having 25 different appearences for each slot – egFashionista: Hand“. Get all of the Fashionista achievements and you’ll get the achievement Fabulous, which rewards the title “… the Fabulous“.

Having logged into the PTR I can see I’ll get most of the Fashionista achievements right away thanks to what I’ve already got stashed away. However I’m lacking in tabards and shirts.

Tabards will be easy – I’ll just take my main around to collect tabards from factions he’s exalted with. I’ve not done that ahead of time as I don’t have the bag space.

Shirts though? That’s another matter and will require some work!

Shirts you say?

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