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Warlords Beta Predictions

In a previous post I talked about expansion dates and I mentioned I started off by looking at beta release dates for Warlords. With only four expansions of betas to work with we don’t have a large amount of data, … Continue reading

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WoW expansion dates

Note: please see Warlords: Now that we have a date for updated graphs About a week ago the graphs below started to make the rounds on the WoW-related parts of the Interwebs, largely thanks to @HowToPriest and @Bashiok re-tweeting them, … Continue reading

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To infinity…. and beyond!

I’ve been keeping track of the Black Market Auction house on and off over the expansion. Sometimes its fun to see just how much people will pay for mounts. I’ve not seen any at the gold cap yet, but there … Continue reading

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Letting the farms go fallow

One of the better parts of Mists of Pandaria has been the farm at Sunsong Ranch – its been a great source of materials and fun.

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Hello! TapTapTap This thing oBOOOOOOOM! .. oh well, I guess that what comes from having a gnomish engineer who plays with the goblins set things up. Great for blowing things up, not so good when it comes to more fine-grained … Continue reading

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