Hunter transmog: the result

In Hunter transmog: week 1 I had the start of a hunter transmog designed by the Godmother.

I had envisaged it being a long grind with many boss kills…

In the end I managed to pull together a full mog in just two resets, but I may have altered the Godmother’s original design a little bit for my sanity!

Before we jump to the details the full transmog can be seen via a WoWHead profile at; that has a model viewer with the set as it would be on my hunter. It also has links to where the items can be found.

All of the images below are links to larger versions.

Transmog: front Transmog: side Transmog: behind

In the end the items I used were:

Some of these are different to the ones the Godmother had in her set; most of the items had the same or similar model as the one suggested, generally with the same colour. There were some notable differences however.

The cloak originally suggested was the Knight’s Cloak and whilst it did have a very nice vibrant blue, it’s a BoE green which can sell for anything from 20g to 400g when it appears on the auction house. Whilst I don’t mind those prices – I’ve made enough via the transmog market to give something back – no cloaks appeared on either of the servers I’ve got a presence on.

So I went searching for cloaks from quest rewards which came close to the look the outfit had – most of the cloaks were from Burning Crusade quests.

I found the Crazy Cenarion Cloak to be closest to what I wanted; the others weren’t quite right. In the case of Flowing Sapphiron Drape, it was the wrong shade of blue!

Grrrr Transmog: bow in use Jump!

The other major difference were the shoulders. The shoulders in the original design were the Horrific Flesh Epaulets which are rather cool – who wouldn’t want ghostly shovel tusks rearing out of their shoulders?

Unfortunately they only drop from Festergut in ICC25, so into ICC I went!

Fortunately you can run ICC mostly as a 10 player raid until you get to the point you need to switch it to 25 player, even if you have to exit the instance to do so.

Most of the instance to Festergut was easy. Until I got to the Plaguequarter itself. There I switched to ICC25 and found that the trash was nasty. Debuffs which do a percentage of your health as damage hurt rather a lot still. Especially when you get two stacks on you.

So I tried a new tactic – kill the trash on 10s, kill Precious (who didn’t drop the ribbon) and then Rotface. Then go outside, reset to ICC25 and go back in. This works as the trash has far less health in ICC10 compared to ICC25 – with my lower gear level it was easy to kill the annoying debuff mobs fast.

Only to find that the trash had all respawned again. I guess its linked to Putricide instead of Festergut or Rotface. I could feel that I’d end up beating my head against a brick wall here until the gear on my hunter really improved. Worse, the shoulders have a low drop rate from Festergut so I’d be hitting my head against not only nasty trash, but also loot disappointment as well!

In pondering other shoulders I came across Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes. These are from an “Unbound recipe which creates BoP items” The Burning Crusade was famous for – the other type being soulbound recipes which create BoE items. Fortunately my hunter is a leatherworker who already knew Pattern: Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes thanks to the farming I did for another TBC raid mount. I had some of the mats around and what I did need was easy enough to farm up in an hour or so – although having an engineer around to collect the motes made farming the primals much faster.

Sivenge pokes Raggy

I think the end result looks pretty good, even with the different shoulders. As my hunter’s gear improves I’ll probably revisit ICC25 to see if I can get past the trash in the plague quarter to kill Festergut, but that’s something for another day!

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