The black prince is watching us!

A couple of resets ago we had the Heart of the Valorous buff which doubled the valor we got. Whilst that has now gone, we have another in its place.


As if it wasn’t enough that the Black Prince watches us through the meta gem, the Gaze of the Black Prince implies he’s watching us all of the time.

And I can say that it definitely has an impact. Last week my hunter finished off the VP grind – much helped by the Heart of the Valorous buff – and after getting the PvP+mini-boss bits done managed to get two secrets.

I’ve just run her through all of the ToT LFRs and then the first two SoO LFRs. And she now has 16 secrets – gaining 14 of the 20 secrets available. The breakdown is shown below – with number gained / maximum possible for each LFR

Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar
Last Stand of the Zandalari 1/3 Vale of Eternal Sorrows 3/4
Forgotten Depths 3/3 Gates of Retribution 1/4
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 3/3
Pinnacle of Storms 3/3

This experience makes me wonder if there are lucky players getting all 20 of the possible secrets this week – personally, I think its likely.

However I think its safe to say that the Black Prince is most definitely watching us more closely than before!

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