The Legendary continues…

This is a post I should’ve written a while ago, but that real life thing got in the way…

In The black prince is watching us! I looked at the impact the Gaze of the Black Prince buff had on the gathering of secrets.

Since then I’ve been distracted by running a warlock through challenge modes in a guild group – fun to do, but needs farming of items with lots and lots of sockets in them to make life easier. So the hunter’s legendary was put on the back burner for a while.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gathered the last of the secrets I needed. And the titan runestones!

I only needed 4 secrets – those were quickly gained from the Last Stand of Zandarlai and Forgotten Depths LFR zones. Then it was the solo scenario & playing with Nalak.

The titan runestones were next and I seem to have less luck with those than the secrets. The breakdown is shown below – with number gained / maximum possible for each LFR.

First reset: Gaze upon us
Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 2/3 Vale of Eternal Sorrows 2/4
Pinnacle of Storms 2/3 Gates of Retribution 0/4

Total runestones: 6/12

Second reset: Gaze turned away
Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 1/3 Vale of Eternal Sorrows 1/4
Pinnacle of Storms 2/3 Gates of Retribution 1/4

Total runestones: 11/12

With 6 runestones gained under the buff and 5 gained without the buff either I’m not very lucky or the buff doesn’t impact the gathering of runestones that much.

So this reset I had a single runestone to get – which I got from the first boss in LFR I did. A quick run through Pinnacle of Storms to collect Lei Shen’s heart and the annoying parts the legendary quest were over!

It didn’t take long to get the advice of the celestials or to do the ranged DPS scenario. And it really didn’t take too long to defeat each of the celestials on the Isle using the raid browser, although I wish people would read the notes I put up saying which celestial I needed – I gave up after a while & just helped people kill the ones I’d killed earlier in the night!

End result is my hunter has my 5th legendary cloak!


Now, onto the work for the 6th cloak – which should be easier with the Gaze buff up – and then I think I’ll stop!

Even better, it is the first time I’ve been able to use the legendary cloak as a part of a transmog!

Given that my hunter has a transmog designed for her this is a good thing – I was all ready to disable the display of the cloak as well!


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