Legendary cloak – Saved by the light!

This week my hunter became the owner of my 5th legendary cloak. This meant I was free to start on the 6th – and hopefully final – legendary cloak for Mists of Pandaria on my retribution paladin.

Start of week End of week
Gaze of the Black Prince His gaze is upon us!
Secrets of the Empire 0/20 15/20
Titan Runestones 0/12 0/12

My paladin gained 15 secrets out of a maximum possible of 20 – which is one more than my hunter gained in her week with the Gaze buff up!

The breakdown of where the secrets dropped is shown below – with number gained / maximum possible for each LFR.

Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar
Last Stand of the Zandalari 2/3 Vale of Eternal Sorrows 3/4
Forgotten Depths 2/3 Gates of Retribution 3/4
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 2/3
Pinnacle of Storms 3/3
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