Warlords: Raid testing is here

Blizzard announced today that raid testing was to start on the Warlords beta – a sign that development is moving on with Warlords and we’ll hopefully we’ll see it soon.

Question is, how soon?

Unfortunately I could only find dates for the start of raid testing in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria – if anyone has the dates for Wrath or TBC I’d love to know them!

Expansion Raid testing started… Raid testing to expansion release
Cataclysm 17th October 2010 Around 2 months
Mists of Pandaria 22nd June 2012 Around 3½ months

The mean is ~2½ months testing. Given this, what could we infer as to the release date of Warlords?

If raid testing from expansion Warlords release date
Cataclysm 10th September 2014
Mists of Pandaria 24th October 2014
Mean of above 2nd October 2014

One date which has been noted of late is the 23rd September – coming from a reseller whose release dates have been rather close to reality for all of the WoW expansions – and that’s also a date in the middle of the range above.

Amusingly, this is also the date I predicted back in November last year on theGodmother’s guess expansion release date post. I based that on looking at prior release dates.

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