Legendary cloak – let me bless you!

The continuing adventures of my Paladin’s quest for the legendary cloak.
This week secrets are found, runestones are carved and Nalak is cursed at!

Start of week End of week
Gaze of the Black Prince His gaze is upon us!
Secrets of the Empire 15/20 20/20
Titan Runestones 0/12 4/12

My paladin gained her last secrets early in the week, although she had to go into three ToT wings to do so.

The breakdown of where the secrets dropped is shown below – with number gained / maximum possible for each LFR.

Throne of Thunder
Last Stand of the Zandalari 2/3
Forgotten Depths 2/3
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 1/3

This gave her the 20 secrets needed so into the solo scenario she went – as melee DPS this was relatively easy to do and before I realised it, I was having to use the spear on the monster sha!

… then followed Nalak. For most of my other chars who’ve done the legendary I had tricks I could use to drop combat, allowing me to solo the event.

My priest has Spectral Guise. My mage had ice block, mirror images and invisibility. My DK was a tank so could survive some time against Nalak anyway and has Army of the Dead as well. My hunter has feign death. My warlock had a pet to tank, along with being able to insta-summon the pet when it died.

My paladin had none of these. Whilst DI is nice, it doesn’t last long enough and its too easy to get Nalak to despawn along with the add the spear summons.

Then I came across the Cracked Talisman which makes you immune to all damage for 20 seconds. And has three charges – more than enough to get the credit needed and then despawn Nalak!

Which meant runestones. And I had far less luck with them than secrets, even with the Gaze buff up. Missing three bosses due to lack of time didn’t help either!

Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar
Halls of Flesh-Shaping 1/3 Vale of Eternal Sorrows 1/2
2 bosses missed
Pinnacle of Storms 2/3 Gates of Retribution 1/3
1 boss missed
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