Warlock transmog

One of the better transmogs I’ve put together is on my warlock. It started off with a helm dropping whilst running Kara for pets and then a rather nice staff dropped for her on a guild run.

That meant I could use a staff for Transmog I’d had from Dragonsoul Heroics I did at the end of Cata.

Due it use of warlock tier pieces, this is a warlock-only transmog.


It is a transmog based around purple and darker colours – which does actually work with my warlock’s use of green fire.

warlock-new-tmog-rhs warlock-new-tmog-back warlock-new-tmog-lhs
All of the images are links to larger versions

I quite like the way the set is dark in the middle, going to purple on the edges. The most annoying part was finding a pair of gloves which only covered the hands themselves. A lot of gloves cover part of the forearm as well, something which hid the purple of the robe.

The transmog also works rather with a couple of nice mounts:



The items which create the transmog:

Slot Item Source
Helm Wicked Witch’s Hat The Crone, part of the Wizard of Oz act in the Karazhan Opera event
Weapon Ti’tahk, the Steps of Time – heroic Deathwing – from the heroic encounter in Dragonsoul.
Normal has red/yellow fire.
LFR has blue flame
Shoulders Mantle of the Horned Nightmare – LFR Siegecrafter Blackfuse – this is the LFR version which comes from the 1st boss in the fourth wing of Seige of Orgrimmar.
Normal has a green details
Heroic has a yellow details
Chest Conqueror’s Deathbringer Robe Paldesse in Dalaran
Purchased using Breastplate of the Wayward Conqueror. That is in turn purchased for 770 justice points from a faction Legacy Justice Quartermaster in Dalaran.
Alliance: Arcanist Firael
Horde: Magister Sarien
Shirt Dark Silk Shirt Tailoring: Dark Silk Shirt; this is learned from a recipe purchased from tailoring vendors
Alliance: Sheri Zipstitch in Duskwood for the Alliance
Horde: Mallen Swain in Hillsbrad Foothills
Gloves Deathsilk Gloves Tailoring: Deathsilk Gloves; this is a trainer taught recipe from Cataclysm
Belt Belt of the Night Sky Tailoring: Belt of the Night Sky; this is a recipe from Mists of Pandaria, discovered by the daily crafting of Celestial Cloth

Since writing this I’ve updated the entry with images taken after the new models were introduced in Warlords. Below, I’ve got the two sets of images side-by-side for a nice comparison of how things have changed.

Old model New model
Siamonda Transmog: head warlock-new-tmog-head
Siamonda Transmog: Left Hand Side warlock-new-tmog-lhs
Siamonda Transmog: right hand side warlock-new-tmog-rhs
Siamonda Transmog: back warlock-new-tmog-back
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  1. acbarberi says:

    Cool mog. Nice post

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