GamesCon interview with Tom Chilton

There has been an Interesting interview of Tom Chilton by which has got some interesting bits and pieces in it.

01:47 Size of team has been grown by around 80 people and this slowed development down as they came up to speed

See previous blog: So we got an alpha

02:45 Garrisons ended up being integrated a lot more into the game and required people from across the entire development team – server / gameplay / client / UI programmers, artists and every part of the design team.

See previous blog: Garrisons – Could they be feeping creatures?

04:05 Each raid content patch needs about 4 months to breath; faster than that and it feels too rushed. They see the sweet spot is 4-5 months long.

Notes from my data…
Raid tiers which have been shorter than 4 months are: Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub and Ulduar.
Raid tiers which are just over 4 months long are Kara / Gruul / Mag’s Lair, Crusader’s Colliseum and Firelands.

08:46 Legendary will be a ring. Long quest line similar to Mists cloak quest, starting at level 99. Will have similar elements to Mists quests line, but they’ll remove the grindy elements like the test of valor. A ring was picked as it stops the “Oh look, a cloak dropped – shard as everyone has the legendary cloak” our guild has seen so much of in SoO
11:10 – 11:48 Avoid this part if you don’t want to be spoilered as to the final boss of the expansion.

Let’s just say that I’m not impressed unless they pull a Sunwell.

14:55 6.1 / 6.2 may see a revamp of transmog system so they’ll not be stored as items in the bank. I believe this is more in line with how Diablo’s transmog system works.
15:25 Garrisons may get more tiers and new buildings – eg aviary – but they’ll need to determine this down the line.
15:53 There may be more legendaries than just the ring. They’d like to have a legendary for non-critical slots like the ring which is worked on across the expansion, but they’d also like legendary weapons for “the more hardcore content
16:25 They hope to have specator modes in PvP, but they don’t have the technology yet. Its something they’ve always wanted to do, but it would take a lot of time to do. If they did add it, they’d support both PvP and PvE content.
19:03 They’ll probably have flying in 6.1, but its something that “the community as a whole needs to decide on” – if players overwhelming want it then at 6.1 they’ll do it.

An interesting interview, but I’m annoyed they’ve revealed who’ll be the final boss of the expansion. And I’m also irked as to who that boss is – I mean, really?

The news that we’ll have the “Legendary for all” in the shape of the ring, but there will likely be hardcore-only legendary weapons is interesting. I do hope that they’ll not go back to the Firelands or Dragonsoul legendary style however – making guilds pick people to do the quest chain just causes drama.

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