Legendary cloak – the sixth is done

So after being taunted by missing a single runestone last week, this week my Paladin headed into Seige of Orgrimmar LFR part 1 – at least that way I’d be guarenteed a runestone from the Sha of Pride!

Fortunately the final runestone dropped from the protectors, so back to Wraithon and then getting Lei Shen’s heart.

The usual Celestials followed, with the melee DPS challenge being relatively easy to do – just interrupt the cast of the bloods and attack Wraithon from behind!

The raid browser made getting the four Celestial kills relatively simple as well.

End result, my Paladin now has her legendary cloak, although unlike the hunter, it doesn’t match her transmog!


This means that I’ve gotten six characters their legendary cloak & I think I’ll stop now – the only 90s who’ve not gotten it are my Jewelcrafter and auction house character. Neither of whom really need it!

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2 Responses to Legendary cloak – the sixth is done

  1. Legolene says:

    Six? *starts singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T*…I have it on two characters, and am working on the 3rd and 4th ones now, but I have so much to do before Warlords of Draenor in terms of preparing alts with the right bags etc that the whole, ‘grind’ has taken a bit of a back seat. Will definitely get it on my hunter soon though!

    • sivation says:

      Thanks! In retrospect, the most annoying part of the legendary was waiting to get 3k valor, although the VP buff made that less painful to do.

      The gaze buff definitely helped – I got 16 secrets in a single reset when that was up!

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