I’m a bad hunter…

You can tell my hunter is an alt – even if she is rocking a nice transmog – she doesn’t have much in the way of stat pets!

So, with the help of The Hunters’ Union and Petopia I decided to get to work & fix this!

This means I need to have a stable with the pets below; my hunter is BM so the exotic pets are on the cards.

Family Source and the name I’ll give it Buff
Shale Spider (exotic) Already tamed: Jadefang
+5% Str / Agi / Int
Water Strider (exotic) Blue Armored Water Strider
Dread Wastes
+10% Spellpower
+5% crit
Silithid (exotic) Purple Silithid Colossus
Un’Goro Crater
+10% Stam
Core Hound (exotic) Already tamed: Uvuros
-30% cast speed
Quilen (exotic) Blue Armored Stone Quilin
Vale, special tame
Combat res
+5% crit
Cat Black Pandaren Tiger
+3000 mastery
Raptor Blue Spiked Raptor
-12% armor
Serpent Purple Arcane Wyrm
Coldarra, Borean Tundra
+10% melee / ranged attack speed
Worm Purple Jormungar
Borean Tundra
+4% physical dmg taken
Dragonhawk Already tamed: Crazed Dragonhawk
+5% spell dmg taken
Sporebat Blue Sporebat
+5% spell haste
-30% cast speed

In case you’re wondering, the names are based on the buff/debuff the pet brings. Except ones like Bob the Corehound who I named some time ago.

Along the way I’ll be taming an Adolescent Direhorn since who wouldn’t want a pet dinosaur?

… time to get taming!

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