Waiting for Warlords: progress report

In Whilst we wait for Warlords I listed a few of the things I’d be working on before Warlords drops.

In an attempt to actually get some of these done, I’ll be doing progress reports. If nothing else, it’ll focus the mind on this!

Hunter pets Nothing done
9,999 bones Up 400 bones to 1,312 / 9,999

I’ve found that doing 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there is a good way to do this and you can get a surprising number of bones this way.

That a Potion of luck happens to last 20 minutes is neither here nor there!

I’ve had two primal eggs so far – one held a raptor I already had. The other I’m still waiting for.

Seeker of Knowledge No change
Whilst I have done archeology, the pristine tea pot eludes me still. I’ve found that using Lorewalker’s Maps to reset my digsites and only carrying on if I get Pandaran sites is the way forward to keep me sane.

If I only have Mogu or Mantid left and the Lorewalker’s Map is on its 30min cooldown then I’ll stop.

Brawler’s Guild Now at rank 3
Bloody Coins Up 61 coins to 211/500
Sky shard farming Nothing done
Mount farming 1x Jade Direhorn
Some experience has been gained. I’ve found that both my warlock and hunter can solo Dragonsoul normal up to Ultraxion, but it then goes downhill. I finished off Dragonsoul on my warlock with a couple of guildees. My hunter will keep the lock for next week.

I may well give my DK tank some DPS gear and see how she fairs in there – from what I’ve seen she’ll probably survive a little better.

I’ve gotten a Jade direhorn mount from farming the Zandalari Warbringers.

Technically the Concave of the Wind should be soloable, but I ended up doing it in a guild group. Much easier! Al’akir was rather easy by comparison.

I poked the Baron for his mount once or twice – that was more a “Gee, remind me of this place again” run. Profitable for transmog gear however!

Whilst going to Dragonsoul I’ve been going via Storm Peaks – a lot of people are camping the Time-Lost proto-drake spawn sites. That’s probably a lost cause for now.

Killed the Lich King on 25 heroic – one member of the guild group I was with expressed an interest in doing so. Proved to be relatively easy and thanks to me bringing a healer for Dreamwalker we now have a 25HC raid lock with just Sindragosa to kill before the Lich King.

Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul’Gurub HC is easily soloable. I just have to remember to do him every day.

I also have to remember that he is in Zul’Gurub. Which is Stranglethorn Vale. Not the Ghostlands as Zul’Aman is cough. I’m lucky the character I did that on had Boots of the Bay to quickly get the length of the Eastern Kingdoms!

Gold making 957,200; up 2,300g
Monk to 90 Nothing done
Horde to 90 Nothing done
Poke Hearthstone Nothing done
Poke Proving Grounds Nothing done
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