Soloing Warbringers – shadowpriest vs BM hunter

The Zandalari Warbringers are good to kill thanks to them dropping mounts, profession mats and rep tokens which sell for good gold.

However soloing them can be somewhat fun!

The following came from a discussion about the soloing of Warbringers by hunters and shadowpriests on Twitter with @Marathal, @PriestClass and @AlternativeChat.

First up, we have a traditional soloing class – the Beast Master Hunter! Very easy to solo a lot of things, I’ve soloed DS normal up to Ultraxion with my hunter with no real issues.

As you’d expect, the Warbringer is relatively easy to solo since the pet takes aggro. Even if the pet dies – as mine does here as I failed to use the long tank CD – its not a big deal as you can just rez, MD and then feign to get the aggro away from you.

Next up, the shadowpriest. This is a bit more of a challenge!

For starters, you can’t root in place with void tendrils and the Warbringer is immune to fear. You can’t just stand there & face tank the mob – it’ll kill you really quickly.

So its down to kiting. This requires a few talent tweaks:

  • Angelic Feathers – so you can run really fast! This is a normal talent for me anyway
  • Mindbender – does a good amount of damage, but that’s not why I chose this. Available every minute, I can drop aggro to it with Fade to give me time for feathers to regenerate and time to nuke from afar
  • Divine Insight – instant mindblasts whilst kiting, what’s not to like?

Oh and keeping up Fear ward to make sure you can’t be feared if the mindbender isn’t up. And be ready with Vampiric Embrace just in case!

Whilst my shadowpriest does kill the Warbringer faster, this is mostly thanks to the gear he has. The hunter is more relaxing to do however!

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