Waiting for Warlords: progress report, 2014-10-06

Whilst we wait for Warlords – Progress report update!

Hunter pets No new pets tamed
9,999 bones Up 2,663 bones to 8,077 / 9,999
Seeker of Knowledge Completed 2014-08-30
Brawler’s Guild Completed on 2014-09-07
Whilst I’ve already finished off the Brawler’s guild on my main, I’ve come across Pit Fighter’s Punching Ring, which is the upgraded version of the existing The Brassiest Knuckle ring you can get at rank 4. Unlike the current one, the ring in WoD will be usable by any spec.

So I’ve taken my mage, warlock, death knight, paladin and hunter to rank four since apparently your brawler’s guild progress will be saved – even if the fights will be balanced for level 100.

Bloody Coins Up 64 coins to 441/500
Sky shard farming Completed on 2014-09-21
Mount farming Added a new mount, now at 230 mounts

On my 29th kill of Alysrazor, the Flametalon of Alysrazor dropped for me! I was on my shadowpriest when this happened – nice as he was the one back in the day who’d fly on progress kills.
Gold making 1,120,000g; up 20,000g
Monk to 90 Nothing done
Horde to 90 Nothing done
Poke Hearthstone Nothing done
Poke Proving Grounds Nothing done
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2 Responses to Waiting for Warlords: progress report, 2014-10-06

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    Grats on the mount! How on earth do you solo that thing?
    All your accomplishments make me feel guilty that I’ve got nothing much done lol.

  2. sivation says:


    Alysrazor isn’t too bad to solo, but it probably helps that when Firelands was progression I was the one chosen to fly! Got lots of practice.

    To solo you grab some feathers as Alysrazor molts them. Get three and you start to fly & the mobs on the ground are all like “WTF! How can we reach them?” and you ignore them for the rest of the fight.

    The flying buff has a limited duration however. You have to refresh it by going through the glowing rings Alysrazor leaves behind her. There are three locations they can be – one will be the rings, the other two will be fiery clouds.

    When you go through the rings they give you more time to fly. They also give you a stacking buff which increases your haste – you’ll get to 400% haste or higher. Get 25 stacks and you’ll gain high levels of crit as well.

    This buff means you need a class which plays well with lots of haste – shadowpriest is an obvious one. I also took my destro ‘lock up. Ranged don’t have all the fun though – melee can also play & they often scale nicely with haste – my Retri pala had lots of fun as well! My frost mage was sad tho as I didn’t let her fly – I’ve seen what high levels of haste do for frost mages! Being GCD capped is not fun.

    The above is the normal flying part of the encounter. When soloing you have to be careful not to let Alysrazor get too far from you – if you do the fight will reset & you’ll likely plummet to your death if you don’t have a way to slow fall. Most of my warlock’s deaths were from this, as Alysrazor despawned & left her hanging high up in the air without the flying buff!

    As for getting things done… I guess I just get rather focused! Certainly that’s the only way I could’ve gotten the archeology achievements done!

    The key question is “Are you having fun in the game?” If the answer is yes then don’t feel guilty! The game is supposed to be fun after all!

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