Time is Money friend!

You may have noticed from my Waiting for Warlords posts that I’m a mount collecter.

And I’m currently missing two of the Recruit a friend mounts…

You can easily get the RaF mounts yourself by buying a basic WoW edition, upgrade to Mists and two months of game cards – that works out to be ~£36 for the mount. Which given the price of some of the mounts from the trading card game go for on eBay, isn’t too bad at all.

Note that you can’t just buy the basic WoW edition – which is Original, TBC, Wrath and Cata – you have to get that plus the current expansion for the license to be counted as the “Full version of WoW” as the RaF promo says.

You also end up with a character you can run on a second WoW session for things like easy extending of raid locks. I’ve also used an old RaF account for moving my AH guild between servers – when you move guilds between servers you have to have another char in the guild to transfer leadership to as a stub guild is left behind.

So that’s one mount. As for the other….

To take a page from the goblins, “Time is money friend!” and with that you can infer that time not spent making money is time spent burning it.

For the 2nd RaF account I decided to spend a bit more money and get the Warlords pack – which includes a boost to 90 – for an additional £26.

Why would I pay extra? Well, I’m working on Bloody coins for another mount. And I’m also missing the pair of mounts from Halaa PvP.

If I boost a horde char to 90 I can easily get the killing blows required to get the bloody coins and Halaa battle tokens to purchase the mounts.

With the battle tokens you just have to kill opposing players – even if they don’t give honor you’ll get a battle token. So if you’re just after those you have the opposing faction capture Halaa and then they’ll rez at the spirit healer – and you just stand in the graveyard killing them.

If you’re only after the battle tokens though I’d wait until Warlords is released as a rare Garrison mission rewards you with not only Halaa battle tokens, but also some of the Halaa Research Tokens needed to purchase the mounts. Normally you’d get those research tokens by farming lots of Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples from mobs in Nagrand.

To get a bloody coin you must get the killing blow on the player and gain honor from their death. Unfortunately if the opposing player is suffering from Resurrection Sickness – which they will if they’ve ressed at the spirit healer – then you don’t get honor and thus no bloody coin.

So I’ve developed a routine of standing on the water at the base of Halaa, just close enough to be counted as within Halaa for the battle tokens. I kill the opposing player there. They then run from the nearby graveyard and res with me.

Where they die again and make the same run. Then wait for the res timer. And then run. Over and over and over again.

... meanwhile, at Halaa...

… meanwhile, at Halaa…

Unfortunately the resurrection timer quickly climbs to 2 minutes so this isn’t a fast way to gain bloody coins. But it is reliable.

I expect to perhaps get anywhere from none to 5 bloody coins per battleground – and mostly its around the 1-2 mark. And that’ll be in anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. In the same time I could’ve farmed up 2 to 10 bloody coins by this method.

Farming by BGs is also very dependant on which battleground you do. Some BGs you can end up dead quite quickly, thus loosing the Ordos buff and meaning you have to wait until the Fire-Watcher’s Oath to come off cooldown. Whilst its buff lasts 10 minutes, its cooldown is also 10 minutes. Which means that you’ll have a while to wait before you can start collecting bloody coins again.

The better battlegrounds for Alliance are the Isle of Conequest and Alterac Valley – not only are these 40v40 BGs allow for easier killing, but the Alliance tend to win them as well. Partly that is due to “The alliance always win” attitude so you don’t get as many dedicated horde PvP players running them. It could also be down to the single aim – kill the opposing team’s boss – of the BGs in question.

However queuing specifically for such BGs means you may end up waiting for 15 minutes in the queue before even starting to be able to farm the coins.

So in the end whilst it may take some time and be relatively boring to do, farming Bloody coins via Halaa is probably the fastest way to do it.

… and sometimes the horde try to capture Halaa and some fun is to be had!

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