Enchants in 6.0.2 for shadow priests

UPDATE: please see an update post for updated info on this – come build 19041 the info below will not be valid

This blog post was inspired by @Perculia, Warlady of data at WoWHead, tweeting on how legacy enchants are looking to be very good for her rogue in 6.0.2

There are also changes thanks to stat priority changes – the following is written for Shadow priests who now have a priority of Multistrike > Int > Crit > Versatility > Haste > Mastery – see this thread on How2Priest for more details.

Before reading on, please be aware that since this blog post was published @WatcherDev has posted that the older enchants / foods / flasks / potions / etc being better than their Mists equivalents is likely a bug and should be resolved soon.

I have to admit that I was slightly suspicious of the peerless stats giving so many stats, but in a way it doesn’t surprise me that others have issues as well.

The values used in the table below are their post-squish values, as taken from the 19005 beta build. The stat weights from the How2Priest post linked to above are:

Multistrike 6.63
Int 6.58
Crit 6.14
Versatility 5.98
Haste 5.89
Mastery 5.66

Based on the above:

Slot Enchant today Likely enchant in 6.0.2
Weapon Jade Spirit
+103 spell power proc
No change
Whilst on the surface the Wrath-era Black Magic enchant is better, with it’s +125 haste proc, there is no bad luck prevention for it. Jade spirit is on the new RPPM system and overall it should have a better uptime of its +103 int
Boots Pandaren’s Step
+9 mastery and movement speed increase
+10 crit, +10 haste
10 crit and 10 haste easily beats +9 mastery, even with the movement speed increase.

This is a Burning Crusade-era enchant

Wrist Super Intellect
+12 int
Superior spellpower
+15 spell power
Something of a close one here, but as intellect no longer seems to increase crit strike chance, this pulls ahead.

This is a Wrath-era enchant.

Chest Glorious Stats
+5 to all stats
Peerless Stats
+16 to all stats
Note that the +16 stats above is from the current beta and feels like a bug – its not a tooltip error either, it really gives you +16 stats.

If this makes it live then it’ll be Peerless Stats which is a Cata-era enchant.

Back Superior Intellect
+12 Int
Greater Critical Strike
+13 crit
Something of a moot point as my priest currently uses the tailoring perk Lightweave embroidery which is going away! So +crit it is; a Cata-era enchant
Gloves Superior Haste
+11 haste
Precise Strikes
+15 crit
This a TBC-era enchant & surprisingly one which my enchanter doesn’t know – looks like I need to get ARL installed again!
Off hand Major Intellect
+11 Int
No change
Unfortunately whilst Greater Intellect does give +13 intellect, it can only be used on shields! No use for my shadow priests, although shaman and paladins may like this!
Legs Greater Cerulean Spellthread
+19 int, +11 crit
No change
Whilst tailoring doesn’t change, if you use leatherworking leg enchants going back to Cataclysm versions
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5 Responses to Enchants in 6.0.2 for shadow priests

  1. marathal says:

    only thing I can see is there may be tool tip errors that have been data mined or not implemented yet

    • sivation says:

      That is always a possiblity, but in this case they feel like bugs / similar.

      Since I found that peerless stats really does give you +15 stats. And black magic really did give you +125 haste when it proced.

      … I’m glad that one of the chars I poked on the beta was my enchanter who has lots of recipes & a nice stash of enchanting mats set aside to play with!

      • marathal says:

        Now I am kicking myself for listening to the advice to sell. I may have some stuff left but most is gone

        • sivation says:

          Well, from comments made by @WatcherDev its possible they’ll look at this since needing to use older enchants over Mists ones is a bit nuts!

          Its not just enchants as well – its flasks, potions and food as well.

  2. marathal says:

    well just dropped about 300g buying up mats to stockpile in case, if its true I will make it back easy tomorrow

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