Update: Enchants in 6.0.2 for shadow priests

In Enchants in 6.0.2 for shadow priests I looked at the enchants from previous expansions which ended up being more powerful than Pandaria enchants after the squish of 6.0.2

In that post I did note that it felt wrong that this could be done and that I’d expect these to be fixed.

In build 19041 – which is about to go to the beta and PTR – has nerfs to pretty much all of the enchants I listed on that post. It was fun whilst it lasted, but it couldn’t last forever.

… that said I’ve found more BoP enchants which drop from raids for my enchanter to farm up. Even if they’re nerfed, I’m still a completionist!

See the WoWHead news post for full details of the changes.

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