Soloing in a 6.0 World – Personal Experience

In Soloing in a 6.0 world I went over some of the older raids which are soloable now.

I thought I’d give a quick update from my experiences with actually running the raids over a number of different characters.

All of the characters have the legendary cloak; the number given below the class and spec is the average item level of the character at the time of running the raids. All of the characters are dwarfs apart from the hunter who is a Worgen.

  class-priestclass-priest-shadow class-warlockclass-warlock-destro class-hunterclass-hunter-bm class-mageclass-mage-frost class-death-knightclass-death-knight-blood class-paladinclass-paladin-retribution
584 571 568 567 562 555
Icecrown Citadel            
Throne of the Four Winds            
  Successfully soloed all bosses on correct level to have a chance of a mount
  Partial success – at least one boss who drops a mount was soloed
  Failed to solo any boss who drops a mount
  No attempts made

Ulduar: Hunter

Initially I didn’t even try with my hunter due to her lack of Dwarfishness.

However discussions with The Grumpy Elf below made me realise that I was being unfair with my hunter so gave it a go.

… and didn’t have any issues, apart from my pet not wanting to follow me down into the brain room. Marks or Survival would thus probably be better, but I had no issues with getting the brain down.

Ulduar: Blood DK

Getting down to Yogg Saron was easy enough; the problem was the fight itself, specifically the brain room.

Whilst I could get access to the brain room reliably, I couldn’t do it fast enough to give me enough time on the brain to push Yogg Saron into phase three. I’d probably need a 2nd brain phase and I know from my experience of coming out of the brain that I’d end up with far too many tenticles in phase 3.

It would probably be doable with decent DPS gear, but that’s not something my DK has.

Ulduar: Retribution Paladin

It may seem strange putting the Retribution paladin here given that she did manage to solo Yogg-Saron 25 with no keepers up.

However it was a close run thing; the problem are the Corruptor Tentacles which put Draining Poison on you. For most classes, 1,200 mana removed a second isn’t too painful. For retribution paladins who only have ~8k to begin with, its a killer!

I only managed to do this when I made the corruptor tenticles my number one target and got lucky with the placement of the corruptor tenticles being close to me.

Icecrown Citadel: Mage

Initially I could do this with no problems on my mage. However the recent changes have put ICC off limits for my mage now – the incoming damage is just too high for her.

Firelands: Warlock and Paladin

Both the warlock and paladin are down as “No attempts” for Firelands; this is thanks to me being rather lucky and the Pureblood Firehawk dropping from Ragnaros whilst I was making this post!

Since I successfully farmed the mount from Alysrazor using both my Warlock and Paladin before 6.0.2 hit, I think it is safe to say that both could probably solo Firelands now.

Dragonsoul: Mage

My mage got stuck at Deathwing’s Spine – whilst she did very close, dying just as the last plate went up – she was at almost no health for most of that. It would seem that the Searing Plasma debuff is causing the problems, along with damage from the Hideous Amalgamation when empowered was just too much. This was with waiting for at least 9 blood patches to be up before bringing an Amalgamation into play. However it did a lot of damage whilst I was kiting it over the blood patches.

With the glyph which gave rune of power a healing component and the ice block heal glyph not being available until Warlords is properly available meant that she had very little healing available to use to counteract the damage.

So she can’t reach Deathwing for the Blazing Drake. However she can kill Ultraxion, so she can at least help farm Experiment 12-B.

Apparently Blizzard are looking at the damage on Spine so this may well change.

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10 Responses to Soloing in a 6.0 World – Personal Experience

  1. TheGrumpyElf says:

    Been soloing Yogg 0 for a long time, way before the squish. So at 568 now after the squish with things being easier you should be able to get it done. Never even paid any attention to poisons, diseases or curses and I am not a dwarf either. Just kill it before it kills you.

    I leave my pet on passive and do it as survival for the DoTs using these macros and have had no problem (usually) this expansion even back to a 530 item level.

    /tar Crusher

    /tar Constrictor

    Being my pet is on passive it will always get the one gripping me as it is standing right next to me. Give the macros a try and give it another shot. Should be much easier with them as a hunter.

    Good luck, I know you can do it.

    • sivation says:

      Thanks; I’ll have to try that. I’ve poked SV a bit thanks to ZG raptor farming. Guess I’ll have to poke it again!

    • sivation says:

      So I poked on my hunter… as BM for kicks. And using tweaks to your macros – mostly /targetlasttarget – I easily got it down…

      … which means I have another char to run through the Ulduar of disappointment!

  2. Steve says:

    Having a real hard time soloing as mage in Firelands (going for the legendary). My mage hasnt got the best gear but to be honest i think my soloing playstyle isnt that great on casters since I’m used to playing plate melee. Was wondering could you make a mini post on mage soloing basics e.g. talents, glyphs and most importantly fundamental techniques for soloing hard hitting bosses and trash that cant be rooted. Any help would be much appreciated.


  3. Steve says:

    As of right now mage is still level 90, gear is only 530 mix of pvp/pve, have tried both frost and arcane specs, and it is basic 10norm.

    • Steve says:

      I realise the obvious solution would be, level up get current gear etc but I was hoping just for any mage specific soloing tips since the class seems to be one of the harder ones to solo content with. On my retadin and frost dk i have no problem, the only encounter i have to concentrate on is spine but even that is becoming second nature. But my mage just gets flattened by damage and has no substantial way to heal.

      Just thought you may have some good tips and tricks from your experiences

      • sivation says:

        Its worth noting the ilvl of my mage when she soloed Firelands 10N – 567, with 2x tier bonus, legendary meta gem & legendary cloak. Unfortunately that’ll be a significant performance boost over your mage – the increased DPS causing fights to take less time if nothing else. A useful thing as soloing with a mage mostly means a fight against running out of health before the boss does!

        The increase spell power from the better gear also means the Ice Barrier would be stronger as well.

        That said, the sort of base talents/glyphs I’d look at would be

        Outside of that, it’ll just be a case of getting better gear – it really will make things a lot easier here!

        • Steve says:

          Fair enough. Since my mage isn’t my main she rarely gets geared up and leveled. I just have this annoying tendency to only go for legendaries on classes that in my head “should” have it e.g. only rogue was allowed glaives, only warrior was allowed thunderfury, shadowmourne for dk and val’anyr for my pally. Sounds silly I’m sure but feels wrong to do it any other way, i actually trashed a warglaive on my warrior once when i was going for the shield off illidan :P I suppose the staff could go to a warlock who can solo much better but then I have a soft spot for my mage since i was originally a mage in BC when i first started WoW.

          Ty for the advice, guess my mage might get leveled sooner than usual ;)

          • sivation says:

            fwiw if you run a garrison with some start area followers you can get some nice bits of gear from missions without too much effort – eg getting followers in SMV whilst I worked to a lvl2 Garrison has left my parked alts building GR & getting some nice 600 ilvl gear from missions.

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