We waited for Warlords

Since October I’ve been keeping a ToDo list here – see Category: Waiting for expansion for all the posts – mostly so that I’d get stuff done whilst we waited for Warlords to be released.

With Draenor so close, how well have I done?

The original post had a number of things I wanted to get done. With the exception of poking at Hearthstone and the proving grounds, I think I’ve done fairly well.


I managed to tame all of the pets my hunter needed, although I need to revisit that at some point with the changes post-6.0.2 – the pets are tamed, I just need to get a clefthoof (multistrike + versitility), stag (versatility) and rylak. See the hunter’s union for more details on those.

Seeker of Knowledge

This took me a while thanks to the RNG aspect of it – all of the Pandaren Tea Sets I found were always chipped, cracked, had been cuddled by a sha, etc.

But it finally dropped and my priest will wear that title for a long time.

I’m rather glad the Draenor version doesn’t have anything associated with it – looks to be a longer grind than the Pandaren one!

Brawler’s Guild

Whilst a couple of bosses were a little tricky – I’m looking at you here Hexos – being in good raiding gear made doing the brawler’s guild relatively easy to do.

Plus it gave me a mount!

Mount farming

A number of points on my To Do list – the Brawler’s guild, getting 9,999 bones, bloody coins – were associated with mount farming. I think I’ve been relatively successful with
that. Over the last three months I’ve gained 24 new mounts:

With the changes in 6.0.2 to allow the soloing of old raids I’ve also been poking Ulduar and ICC for mounts like Mimiron’s head and Invincible – things I didn’t think I’d be farming when I wrote my original list.

Leveling to 90

When I starting three months ago, both my monk and horde mage weren’t at the level cap. Whilst I cheated with my horde mage, using the boost to 90 I’d gotten with Warlords, I did level my monk to level 90 by questing.

Make gold

In the three months I’ve been doing this I’ve made 340,000g.

… I then turned around and spent 210,000g of that for raid carries.

Most of that was spending 200,000g to ensure I’d never have to set foot in Seige of Orgrimmar to farm the Kor’kron Juggernaut from Garrosh mythic. Given the low drop rate it’ll have in Warlords – 1%, the same as other raid boss mounts from older content – this is gold very well spent! Especially since farming it would mean either clearing SoO mythic every week or having a 13/14 mythic save.

The other 10,000g was donated to my guild to have them carry some of my non-raid geared characters to get them BoA weapons from Garrosh. Better for my guild to get it than another. If nothing else, this was effectively a down payment on raid repairs!

Over the course of Mists of Pandaria I’ve made 1,360,000g and spent 525,000g of that on mounts of various types.

I’m currently sitting on 1,070,000g which is a nice lump to have as we enter Warlords.

… and yes, I will probably spend 100,000g on the Alliance chopper. It is a mount after all!

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