Accumulating Apexis

Ah, Apexis Crystals. One of the currencies in Warlords which can be used for gear, mounts, pets, etc.

Personally I’ve mostly been using them to purchase two of my weekly seals of tempered fate for 3,000 apexis crystals – the 3rd coming from my Dwarven Bunker. And 3,000 apexis crystals were easy to get each week from doing garrison missions, plus the few which came from work orders.

However I’m now using gold to buy the seals and I’m trying to build up the apexis crystals as much as possible before 6.2 hits. The reason, as it always seems to be when I’m doing this type of insanity, involves a mount.

Please note that in this post-6.2 world, the best way to get large amounts of Apexis Crystals is to do the dailies in Tanaan Jungle. You’ll get far more than you can use doing those, along with the oil which is required to keep the shipyard running.

More on the mount & its costs later, but how am I stockpiling apexis crystals? Well, each day I’m doing the Assault on Skettis daily for 800 apexis crystals. If done correctly you can get this done in ~5-6 minutes if your alliance thanks to how close the quest area is to Lunarfall.

1. Buy the quest item for 200 garrison resources

apexis-quest-purchaseTalk to your garrison quartermaster and buy the Scouting Missive: Skettis for 200 garrison resources; its shown on the 2nd page for the vendor.

2. Travel to the area

apexis-flypointTold you it was close for the Alliance! Once you’ve gotten to the flypoint, make a right turn to go up the hill, following the path to the quest area.

3. Kill mobs for Talon keys

If you’ve done this quest before you’ll probably be able to skip this – I’ve got a stack of 10 talon keys on most of my level 100s. And that’s after throwing away excess ones!The labormasters seem to have the best drop rate.

You want four keys before moving to the next stage.

4. Free four outcasts

apexis-collect-helpersClick on the balls the outcasts are chained to – highlighted in red above – to free them. When you do this, you gain a buff:


Whilst gaining fresh outcasts increases the buff to its maximum duration, each outcast actually has its own 5 minute timer, which you can’t see. As a result I’ve found it best to pick up all four outcasts at the same time.


Why only four Outcasts? Well, it seems that you can’t free any more than this.

5. Kill all the mobs!

Now, the fun!Kill mobs. Lots of mobs. You’ll probably need to kill 15-20 to complete the quest. When you entered the area, you gained a progress bar – killing mobs fills that up.


You start with the empty bar on the left and need to get it to look like the bar on the right – all red & glowy! The quest lore here is that you’re training the freed Outcasts to make them better fighters for the Arakkoa Outcasts.

I tend to enter the area, DoT up every mob I can see and work my way in. I normally get to just up the hill outside of the area you started by the time the quest is close to done. When you head back to where you started you can finish off any respawned mobs to finish off your progress.

I also tend to try doing this quest when it isn’t the daily offered by the scout in your garrison – people don’t tend to be in the quest area then which gives you more mobs to kill.

6. Hand over the trained up Outcasts

Now for the hand-in; you speak to the Outcast on the edge of the quest area in the shadowy bubble; you’d have passed them on the way into the area. Hand over the trained up Outcasts to get credit to the quest – they’ll run off down the hill & you’ll complete the daily.apexis-handin

If you’ve got four Outcasts and have a completely full progress bar as above, then when you hand in you’ll gain the achievement Eggs in One Basket.

A word of warning – if an Outcast has its 5 minutes of freedom run out before you hand it in you’ll lose the progress it would’ve granted.

It is for this reason that I recommend picking up all four Outcasts at once and giving yourself time to hand them in. Better to need to get some more Outcasts than lose all the progress made.

7. Profit!

You’ve completed the quest – return to your garrison for your 800 apexis crystals.And then repeat this

I discovered this earlier this week – so long as you have the garrison resources to purchase the scouting missive, you can these dailies as many times as you want to in a day.

So want lots of apexis crystals quickly? If you’ve got the garrison resources, you can!

The mount…

[Updated for changes made to the PTR 2015/05/14 to build 20,0008]The apexis crystal mount being added in 6.2 is the Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing and its current cost on the PTR is 150,000 apexis crystals.

I’m guessing that it’ll have more fel flames and the like around it when it goes live.

Its a large number of apexis crystals to get – 1½ monuments infact!

The current cap on apexis crystals is 60,000 so if the costs for this mount don’t change before 6.2 goes live then I’ll still to need to get 90,000 apexis crystals – which would mean doing this quest over 100 times.

I’m not sure I’ll get all of the crystals I need from doing this quest that number of times – it would cost 20,000 garrison resources to do so! But it’ll certainly help with increasing the rate at which I gain apexis crystals once 6.2 hits.

The previous mount mentioned here – the Infernal Direwolf – is now the mount for getting the raid meta achievement Glory of the Hellfire Raider

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6 Responses to Accumulating Apexis

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    I might have to try this although the Skettis daily is the one I hate the most lol.

    • sivation says:

      Heh; the Skettis daily is the easiest one to do. Certainly I can fly in, grab the outcasts, kill the mobs & then complete the quest in under 5 minutes!

      Some of the other dailies take much longer to do.

      • wolfgangcat says:

        Well, it takes me a little longer because my squishy characters tend to die a lot and it’s a stupid long run from the graveyard :D

        • sivation says:


          I’m doing this on my main – a 689 ilvl Shadowpriest who is playing in BRF mythic. Makes a bit of a difference!

          However even when he was in starting raid gear he’d womp all over the mobs you need to kill.

          • wolfgangcat says:

            Ah that explains it – I got mostly LFR gear and I die pretty quick if I get more than 2 mobs on me. I usually skip that one unless I can find someone to team up with me.

            • sivation says:

              At lower levels I found that having a bodyguard with me helpful – you can even get ones who taunt mobs off you.

              … they have a tendancy to die mind!

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