Making the Menagerie

When pet battles first came out they looked kind of interesting, but I stayed away as they seemed to tick a number of “Gotta catch ’em all!” boxes which would have me chasing pets to the exclusion of everything else and I already had plenty to do in game!

So on hitting level 100 and getting my level three garrison I was presented with an annoyance…


menagerie-drawing-board-emptyThat empty spot in the corner of the garrison. And opening the pet menagerie is also required for the Garrison Architect achievement thanks to being part of Keepin’ Busy.

There wasn’t much which could be done about this when Warlords first came out – you needed a good set of pets to defeat the trio of wild pests to open the menagerie. At Warlord’s release they were apparently quite nasty. Later they were nerfed to make them easier, but they still needed level 25 pets to kill.

And then 6.1 came out and they added a small quest which made opening it up easy. The following is what I did as a pet battle novice to open it up.

1. Get the right companion pets

One of the joys of pet battles is they have counters and abilities set up in such a way that if you’re fighting pet X then you need pet Y with ability Z available to counter it. As a result you have all sorts of combinations and we’ll be using one of the pets from the Howl Bomb strategy.

Get the companion pet Chrominius; it drops from Chromaggus, the 7th boss in Blackwing Lair. Its not a rare drop, but it does involve handling Razorgore who is always “fun” to do. Its also possible to purchase Chrominius from the auction house.

Another pet which can be useful, but not essential for this, is a Zandalari Kneebiter. It is an uncommon drop from the Zandalari Dinomancers on the Isle of Giants in the north of Kun-Lai Summit. This too is also purchasable from the auction house.

2. Have a level 3 garrison and know how to pet battle

The quest will not appear unless you have a level 3 garrison – that means being level 100 – and you also know how to pet battle.

Once you’ve gotten a level 100, have any character visit a pet battle trainer and learn how to pet battle.

3. Visit Lio the Lioness

The quest “Unearthed magic” should now be available for you now


The stone for the quest can be found next to the enterance to your mine.


I don’t know if the mine is required for this as well; all of my garrisons have the mine opened up on them as its almost free to do so, only needing a short quest to open it.

4. Boost the pet and set up abilities

Once you have the Ultimate Battle Training Stone, summmon Chrominius and use it on the pet which is out in the world – you can’t use it on the image in the pet journal!

Add Chrominius to the first pet battle slot – this is the pet which appears first when the battle starts – and then pick its abilities so we have Howl in the 2nd slot and Surge of Power in the 3rd slot. The 1st slot doesn’t matter.

The end result will look like:


If you got the Zandalari Kneebiter as well then you need to pick Hunting party for the 1st slot and Black Claw for the 2nd slot. The 3rd slot doesn’t matter.

The end result looks like:


5. Pick up the quest and battle those pests!

menagerie-pets-vs-pestsNow for the fun!

Pick up the quest Pets vs Pests and then run around your garrison, defeating the three pets which have appeared.

  • Carrotus Maximus can be found in the herb garden
  • Gorefu can be found near the fishing shack
  • Gnawface can be found just outside your garrison near the cooking vendor

All three can be handled by Chrominius, although Gnawface is better handled by the Zandalari Kneebiter.

Using Chrominius:

  • Round 1: Howl
  • Round 2: Surge of Power

If the pest is still alive after round 2 then just use the first ability – bite / arcane explosion – until you can repeat the howl / surge of power.

Using Zandalari Kneebiter:

  • Round 1: Black Claw
  • Round 2: Hunting Party

If the pest is still alive after round 2 then use the 3rd ability – I’d pick Bloodfang myself.

6. Enjoy the menagerie

You can now purchase the level 1 & 2 menagerie plans. The slot will no longer be open and you’ll also have pets following you around
the garrison which is cute.

Although having the Iron Starlette follow me around one day did give me flashbacks to Garrosh in Seige of Orgrimmar with its heroic-only Stormwind phase!

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1 Response to Making the Menagerie

  1. elkagorasa says:

    No fancy pets for me. I completed the “Pets vs Pests” quest my first time around using a boosted “fire corgi” that we got for the 10 year anniversary gift. He’s great because he has a 400+ damage bark that always leaves 1 health. (So now you can capture more pets.) Once I opened the menagerie on another alt and got the boost stone, I was able to capture a third to round out my team.

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