Mount farming 101 – master post

So far my most popular post has been related to soloing raids – something I’ve mostly done for mounts.

However that post has a problem – it assumes that you’ve done the encounters at the level they were intended for and thus know the mechanics which can be ignored. And those which can’t.

After looking at search terms used to reach my posts – “Why does madness of Deathwing reset?” is one example – I’ve realized I need to do the instances in more depth. This means having a post per instance, which will take some time to write.

This is the master post used to collate all of the others together and will be updated whenever I write a new post.

Other posts

Vanilla: 5 mounts

Instances: 1 mount
mounts-strat-reins Stratholme
Raids: 4 mounts
mounts-aq40-redmounts-aq40-greenmounts-aq40-bluemounts-aq40-yellow Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, aka AQ40

The Burning Crusade: 4 mounts

Instances: 2 mounts
To be written Sethekk Halls heroic
To be written Magister’s Terrace heroic
Raids: 2 mounts
To be written Karazhan
To be written The Eye, Tempest Keep

Wraith of the Lich King: 10 mounts

Instances: 2 mounts
To be written Utgarde Pinnacle heroic
To be written The Culling of Stratholme Heroic
Raids: 8 mounts
To be written Vault of Archavon
To be writtenTo be written The Eye of Eternity
To be writtenTo be written Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (10 & 25)
To be written Onyxia’s Lair
mimirons-head Ulduar
To be written Icecrown Citadel

Cataclysm: 11 mounts

Instances: 5 mounts
To be written Vortex Pinnacle
To be written The Stonecore
To be writtenTo be written Zul’Gurub
To be written Zul’Aman
Raids: 6 mounts
To be written Throne of the Four Winds
Flametalon of AlysrazorSmoldering Egg Firelands
mounts-experiment-12bmounts-blazing-drakemounts-life-binders-handmaiden Dragon Soul

Mists of Pandaria: 11 mounts

And now the challenge begins – especially as we’re relatively close to the end of the last expansion with regards to gear. Whilst some of this is soloable, it will be easier with friends.

World bosses / rares: 8 mounts
icon-mount-sha Sha of Anger
icon-mount-galleon Galleon
icon-mount-nalak Nalak
icon-mount-oondasta Oondasta
icon-mount-slateicon-mount-jadeicon-mount-amber Zandalari Warbringers
icon-mount-huolon Huolon
Raids: 3 mounts
Celestial Serpent Mogu’shan Vaults
To be writtenTo be written Throne of Thunder

Note that Garrosh in the Siege of Orgrimmar does drop the Kor’kron Juggernaut, but only on mythic and I believe the drop rate is now at 1%. Mythic seige of Orgrimmar isn’t really soloable yet – you’ll need a good number of people with current good gear to get through it at that level. Perhaps I’ll do a write up in a couple of years when it’ll probably be soloable!

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