Mount farming: getting around

[See Mount farming 101: master post]

Part of the fun in mount farming is the need to move around the world becomes an issue – without planning ahead you can easily spend a large amount of time traveling between instances.

Mages have it easy – lots of ways for them to get around! Although see the base of this post for one of the trickier portals for mages to learn.

Everyone else has to use tricks to get around the world at a reasonable pace. Most of this is written from an alliance point of view, however the horde have equivalents of all of the below.

The Shrine of Seven Stars

The Shrine is probably the best place to keep your hearthstone set to in Warlords – whilst you could set it to Ashran, that’s easy to get to using the portal in the level 3 garrison. Plus the shrine has portals to all of the pre-Warlords capitals; there are portals to:

  • Exodar
  • Stormwind
  • Ironforge
  • Darnassus
  • Dalaran
  • Shattrath

Shrine portals


Portals from Stormwind are:

  • Hellfire Pennisular
  • Blasted Lands
  • Hyjal
  • Twilight Highlands
  • Uldum
  • Deepholm
  • Tol Barad
  • Vashj’ir

You appear in the mage tower in Stormwind and there are a couple of portals close to where you enter. Just a short step away from you is the portal to the Burning Crusade-era Hellfire Pennisular.

Portal to Hellfire Pennisular

That drops you at the Dark portal and is the closest point to reach the Tempest Keep instances and The Eye raid instance.

The other portal is at the enterance to the Mage Tower and is to the Blasted Lands.

Portal to the Blasted Lands

This portal brings you out close to the ruins of Nethergarde Keep. Its also the fastest way to get to Karazhan which is just a short flight to the west.

The other Stormwind portals are in the north of the city

Stormwind portals

Just to the right of that isle of portals is the portal to the Jade forest – handy if you don’t have your hearthstone set to the Shrine.

The portals available to you on the portal island are shown below; you need to have done some questing at the right level to have opened all of these. Hjyal and Deepholm are pretty easy. Uldum requires you survive a couple of cut scenes and do some sort quests. The others can also be done relatively easily, but aren’t that useful for moving around the world.

Portals: cata


Dalaran is a handy place to reach the Wrath-era instances. It is also a great place to quickly get to the Caverns of Time instances. Once in Dalaran, head to the Violet Cidadel.

Dalaran Violet Citadel map

Dalaran Violet Citadel

Once inside, the portal to the Caverns of Time can be found beyond the portal on the left

Portal to Cavern of Time

Another portal in Dalaran is the one to Stormwind which can be found with the class trainers. The portal to Wintergrasp can also be found around there.

Shattrath City

Shattrath City can be used to reach parts of the Outlands, but it can also be used to easily reach the Isle of Quel’Danas; standing at the point Alliance port into Shattrath, the portal to the Isle can be seen to the right:


Teleportation items

There are a number of teleportation items which can be used to move around the world. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the useful ones.

Item Teleports… Cooldown Source
Shroud of Cooperation Stormwind / Orgimmar 8 hrs Guild achieve: A Class Act
Wrap of Unity Stormwind / Orgimmar 4 hrs Guild achieve: Guild level 15
Cloak of Coordination Stormwind / Orgimmar 2 hrs Guild achieve: Master Crafter
Argent Crusader’s Tabard Argent Tournament 30 mins 50x Champion’s Seals
Ring of the Kirin Tor Dalaran 30 mins 8,500g from Harold Winston in Dalaran
Dimensional Ripper: Everlook Everlook, Winterspring 4 hrs Engineering only
Dimensional Ripper: Area 52 Area 52, Netherstorm 4 hrs Engineering only
Wormhole Generator: Northrend Northrend zones 4 hrs Engineering only
Wormhole Generator: Pandaria Pandarian zones 4 hrs Engineering only
Boots of the Bay Inn at Booty Bay 1 Day 1st or 2nd place Fishing competition
Potion of Deepholm Temple of Earth, Deepholm 1 min Alchemy

If you did challenge modes during Mists of Pandaria and got gold ranking on any of them then you’ll have spells which will teleport you to outside the relevant instances, all on an 8hr cooldown.

Of these, the most useful is Path of the Necromancer which places you outside the enterance to Scholomance – just a short 2 minute flight from the enterance to Stratholm for farming the Baron’s mount.

Putting it all together

So, putting it together for travel. Say I’d like to farm the following raids for mounts:

  • Karazhan
  • Tempest Keep – The Eye
  • Onyxia

Then if I was starting at the Garrison I would take the following route:

  1. Take garrison portal to Ashran
  2. Take Ashran portal to Stormwind
  3. Take portal to Blasted Lands
  4. Fly west to Karazhan
  5. Kill The Horseman
  6. Fly east to the Blasted Lands portal
  7. Take portal to Stormwind
  8. Take portal to Hellfire Pennisular
  9. Fly north to The Eye in Tempest Keep – take in the sights of the ships lost to the nether as you go!
  10. Kill Kael’thas
  11. Hearth to the Shrine
  12. Take the portal to Stormwind
  13. Fly north to the Isle of Portals
  14. Take the portal to Uldum
  15. Fly north (ish) to Dustwallow Marsh
  16. Kill Onyxia

By the end of the above the Garrison hearthstone should be off cooldown and you can hearth back again! Naturally you can also use the Cloak of Coordination to get back to Stormwind. Or use the Dalaran ring to teleport to Dalaran and then use the Stormwind portal from there.


If you’re a mage you’ve got it fairly simple – you’ve got teleportation spells to most parts of the world. Almost all of those are learned from portal trainers you’ll come across as you level.

However there is one teleportation spell which isn’t so obvious to get. And which is not only useful for getting to some instances, but also rather handy for rude people who demand portals.

Its the telport to the old location of Dalaran – Ancient Teleport Dalaran – which drops you here:

Mage: Ancient Dalaran teleport point

In other words, the location of Dalaran before Wrath of the Lich King was released.

Unfortunately you go back to exactly where you would’ve been teleported to if you appeared in the Dalaran portal room. Which means that you appear relatively high up. Add the crater made by Dalaran leaving and it means it’ll be a fatal drop – unless you have slow fall at the ready or another way of surviving a long drop.

To get the teleportation spell you have two ways – run Scarlet Halls or visit a vendor in Dalaran.

Scarlet Halls is a part of the Scarlet Monastery instances, found in Tirisfal Glades. Horde have it easy, you just have to get to the Undercity. Alliance need to fly up from Stormwind to Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands.

Scarlet Halls

Once there, you need the instance on the right – Scarlet Halls. Since you can do this on normal and not the level 90 heroic its easy to just run through, killing as you go.

Once you get to the end of the instance and kill Flameweaver Koegler, loot the boss and a book on the shelves in the library becomes usable – this gives you the Ancient Tome of Teleport: Dalaran. Only mages can get this & its also sellable on the auction house.

Anicent tome of Teleport: Dalaran

Once you’ve learned the spell, the Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran is purchasable from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran. When its used, the portal still has the mouseover of “Dalaran” – there is no hint there is a plummet to the ground behind it!

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2 Responses to Mount farming: getting around

  1. Nice article! There’s also a potion that will take you to Deepholm, which has a portal back to Stormwind if I remember correctly. :-)

    • sivation says:

      There is indeed; and yes, Deepholm has a Stormwind/Orgrimmar portal.

      It also has an instance with a mount, although that’s one I’ve had so haven’t seen the need to return to Deepholm. Even with its TLPD-a-like!

      Will update the post; thanks!

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