Mount farming: prerequisites

[See Mount farming 101: master post]

There are some prerequisites for the mount farming; the only really required one is to be at a relatively high level and reasonably well geared.

I’d say that being at level cap in good gear – I did all of the instances on my level 100 elemental shaman who had ~640 item level – would be handy, however I did farm heroic Dragonsoul 10 on my paladin as she leveled from 90 with no real issues, although it became challenging as she approached level 100 due to the conversion of secondary stats from points to percentages!

There are also some Addons which can be useful


I’m listing DBM as its the one I know; hopefully BigWigs has similar functionality. Its not just DBM you want however – you want to make sure you pick up the old raid modules as well. Not massively useful for some fights, but indispensible for ones where mechanics can’t be ignored. Like Deathwing’s Spine.


A handy addon in general, GTFO is great for giving you an audible alert that you’re standing in something bad and you possibly should move.Can be somewhat annoying for things you can ignore, but invaluable for things like seeing if you’ve clipped defile and have to move ASAP.


It can be nice to track just how many kills of a boss you’ve done so far without a mount or pet dropping.

I use Rarity to track this. It is an LDB addon so requires an addon like TitanPanel to display its data.

It works out the chance so far of you having the item drop over multiple attempts; see this blog post from the AddOn author for how this works – basically it uses Probabilistic Independence to work out the chance so far for the item to have dropped.


Running lots of instances means having a way to track them is very useful. I use SavedInstances for this. It is an LDB addon so requires an addon like TitanPanel to display its data.

It’ll show you the state of your raid locks, currencies and the like. It also tracks the number of instances you’ve run in the past hour and will warn you if you’re approaching the accountwide limit of 10 instances per hour.


If you use any of the teleport items mentioned in an earlier post then there is always a risk that you forget to replace it with your actual gear and you only discover later on that you were wearing a cloak of coordination for the fight.TeleportCloak remembers for you, replacing your real gear once you’ve reached your destination.


Not useful during fights themselves, TomTom allows you to put a waypoint to where you’re heading.Invaluable when you’re using a flying mount over long distances – especially when flying from the Dark Portal in Hellfire Pennisular across to the Eye in Netherstorm.

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