Mount farming: which mounts now?

[See Master Post]

There are 403 mounts in the game; whilst the raid mounts here only make up 37 of those, how do you work out which mounts you still need?

And once you’ve decided the mounts to chase, how should you go about it?

The armory

Mounts: Armory menu The armory (US|EU) is a pretty good place to check out your mount situation and whilst the website can lag a bit after fresh content comes out, it does have a good view of your character’s status.

Find your character on the armory and select the “Pets & Mounts” option on the menu to the right of your character

This will bring up details of the pets and mounts you have, with the pets tab normally selected by default.

Click on the mounts tab.

Mounts: mount tab

Then click on the “Not collected” tab to show the mounts you’re currently missing. Then select “Show advanced filters”

Mounts: collection search

The advanced filter looks like the below and allows you to easily narrow down which mounts you still need from raid drops, TCG cards, world events, etc.

Mounts: collections advanced search

I’ve used this a few times to see which mounts I’m missing – eg I found out that I was missing the Red Drake mount as I didn’t want to pay the 2,000g for the mount when I reached exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord back in Wraith.

In game

The view of mounts and pets in the default interface has been much improved in recent years and can be used to do everything the Armory above would do.

First select the “Collections” tab in the game menu:

Mounts: In game menu bar

Select the Mounts tab and then click on Filter.

Mounts: In game missing mount discovery

If you untick “Collected” and play with the Sources menu you can easily which mounts you’re missing. Has the added advantage of when you select a mount the mount journal will tell you where it comes from.


The tools Blizzard provides on the Armory and in game are already pretty good, but there some addons which can be useful.

At the moment I currently use:

  • Rarity – track drop rates and see just how tries you’ve made for a mount or pet. Works out the cumulative chance given the drop rate for the item and tries so far
  • SavedInstances – track raid lockouts, plus a lot more, across your characters

A couple of other addons I’ve come across, but haven’t tried myself:

  • Collect Me – tracks mounts & pets you have and can show you where you can missing ones
  • Mount Farm Helper – show which mounts can still be farmed this week

The circuit of disappointment

You now know the mounts you need to chase – which if you’ve not gotten any mounts from raids before could be 37 from drops alone before you consider rare spawns like the Time-Lost protodrake! [1]

So, just what is “The Circuit of disappointment“?

Its the name Alternative Chat gave to her routine circuit of farming raid instances for mounts. The “circuit” is easy – you do several raids one after the other and then go back home to count your loot!

The “disappointment” though? That’s mostly thanks to the low drop rate for the raid mounts. Back when the raids were current content, generally from Wrath onwards, the mounts would often be a guarenteed drop from a boss if you did the end boss in its hardest form. Thus Sartharion with 3 drakes up dropped a mount, as did Yogg-Saron with no keepers up and with a 25 player raid, etc. At the time this was effectively bragging rights – only one mount would drop and given the difficulty of the raid, few people would have the mount. This has continued on to this day, with Blackhand dropping the Ironhoof Destroyer when you defeat him on mythic difficulty.

However that was then.

Once the raids are no longer considered end game, the mounts generally change from having a guarenteed drop to having just a 1% drop rate.

So unless you’re incredibly lucky you’ll be farming the bosses for some time to get the mount – to give you an idea it took me 191 kills before Onyxia dropped the Reins of the Onyxian Drakeaka doing that with a single character would’ve taken ~3½ years assuming I tried every raid reset.

So we have both scale – 37 mounts – and a low drop rate to contend with.

You can speed things up by using multiple characters – I had fun finding which of my characters could kill Onyxia at 85 and then 90 before the stat squish and was farming with 8 characters a week towards the end.

You could take one character across all 20+ raid instances each week – which is doable, but I’d set aside most of a day to do that. Or you could pick a subset of mounts to farm and use multiple characters.

Personally I prefer to farm a small subset – mostly to keep myself sane – but to use several characters to do so. If nothing else this means that some of the awesome transmogs in older raids drop can be had across several characters!

Thus I was doing a loop of Karazhan -> Tempest Keep -> Onyxia on four characters every week until they dropped. As the mounts dropped I added others into the mix, like the Throne of the Four Winds.

My current farming for raid mounts each week is:

  • 4x Dragonsoul 10HC
  • 2x Mogu’shan Vaults
  • 1x Throne of Thunder + some Mists world bosses

I’ve found that if I can dovetail my mount farming with other things as well it makes things easier – thus my paladin farmed the drops required for Shadowmourne and also gave me more tries for Invincible along the way.

In a similar vein, my priest made himself Val’anyr whilst farming Mimiron’s Head. Although in that case I managed to get the mount before finishing off the legendary!

[1] BTW, I’d not poke the TLPD myself – since the advent of cross-realm zones the Stormpeaks has a large number of people farming the TLPD, often just sitting at the known spawn sites. It was bad enough as it was to just compete with your server, but now you’re competing with a good number of other servers as well – meaning you’ll loose a lot more time chasing that mount!

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9 Responses to Mount farming: which mounts now?

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    I guess I shouldn’t tell you I had 49 Onyxia kills to get the mount.
    I think the Circuit of Disappointment would be fun (and get me out of my flipping garrison.)
    The mount I’m really after is the Astral Cloud Serpent – not sure if I could solo that one yet – or if I could solo Ultraxion/Spine in Dragon Soul :D
    I’d love to take a shot for Invincible too if I had any chance of soloing ICC 25H lol.

    • sivation says:

      Heh; lucky! I got the mount from Firelands in ~30 tries – RNG is a harsh taskmaster!

      ICC25HC was soloable at 90 before the stat squish. It’s pretty trivial now if you respect the mechanics.

      Spine is soloable – doing that on 4 chars now. A form of self healing is required though if you’re doing HC.

      Elegon is soloable – doing it on a tank & my shadow priest. However the bosses leading up to Elegon are painful so I’m using a raid lock which has Elegon accessible on a 2nd account to make farming that easier.

      • wolfgangcat says:

        RNG hates me most of the time lol.
        I’d definitely be interesed in a post or two on how you solo some of this stuff lol.
        I hate to say I don’t know how raid lock outs work for these old raids :P
        There are also a couple of purchased/crafted mounts I don’t have simply because I don’t have the gold. It makes me sad I’ve got a bunch of characters with Engineering/JC and can’t afford to make my own mounts :D

        • sivation says:

          You may want to look at the Master Post link at the head of the post – the intention is for me to document in full depth soloing all of the mounts shown there. And if soloing isn’t possible, why & what is needed!

          It’ll take a while to do however – so if you’d like me to do certain instances head of others, please comment on that master post!

  2. Steve says:

    Would be very keen for the MSV post for the Astral Serpent.

    I did the whole circuit of disappointment for the BC and some of the Wrath mounts but now i just cant really be bothered. The satisfaction of getting the mount was diminishing time after time, i think my last rare drop was the brewfest kodo (ok not a raid drop but still very RNG related and only for a few weeks of the year) and i remember only feeling relief not ecstatic joy compared to the time ashes dropped for me. However i guess there is a couple i would really like to get cuz they look so damn good e.g. astral and korkron juggernaut. Invincible and Mimiron are sort-of on my list but those instances take so long to run that it really stifles any motivation.

    How do you keep motivated?

    • sivation says:

      Being a little OCD helps being motivated! As does the sunk cost fallacy – I’m up to 180 tries on Dragonsoul now for the Blazing Drake, it would be silly to stop now!

      However with the new content in 6.2 I’m finding that I’m not doing so many mount runs – Tanaan is eating my time instead. There are mounts in that jungle after all!

      I’ll look at doing the MSV guide, but the short summary can be “Have a well geared tank” – the bosses leading up to Elegon are not solo-friendly right now.

      Whilst Elegon is soloable by my shadowpriest & pet classes, to get there I’m using a 4/6 save on my second account to reduce the pain involved.

      In a similar way you could reduce the time taken in ICC or Ulduar by using saves with Sindragosa and General Vezax up. You then go into that instance, kill the available boss and then switch to 25HC in ICC or 25 for Ulduar & kill the end boss.

      As I noted on the Mists section of the Mount Farming master post I’ll not be covering SoO for the Kor’kron Juggernaut as it means clearing Seige of Orgrimmar on mythic for a 1% drop rate mount!

    • sivation says:

      I wrote up that MSV post – possible to solo, but gear & class dependent. Easiest was my ilvl 680 BM hunter.

      See for details

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