Boost to 100

With the pre-order of Legion came not only the mount & pet, but also the boost to 100.

After the boost to 90 was included in the Warlords pre-order and I couldn’t use it, having leveled everything to 90 already, I deliberately kept back one character who the boost would be used on.

This is my Pandarian warrior, resting with the Night Elves in Darnassus whilst acting as the broker for my guild’s BoE selling


As with the boost to 90, you hit the “100” icon and the qualifying characters are highlighted – basically that means anything below level 100. You select the character and the box below pops up.


My warrior is a blacksmith / miner, with first aid as a secondary profession. All at 600; all were boosted to 700 which is nice. You also have to pick the spec – amusing that Arms is the recommended one! Although that could be due to my warrior being arms spec already.

Hit “Next” and then confirm the choice. You have to wait a moment before the character is usable – you get the usual level up animation on the character selection screen. Log in…


… and my warrior wasn’t in Darnassus any more! No, she was outside her new level 3 garrison!

She was also in some nice looking gear – which I think she’ll be keeping for transmog – which is all 640 ilvl greens.


In addition to the 640 gear – which should just about make Tanaan doable with care – you have all talents reset. Weird thanks have also happened to her bars – got to rebuild those before I take her out into the world again!

Blizzard must have something against people holidaying in Darnassus – her hearthstone was changed to be Stormshield!

She was also given four 22x slot embersilk bags which would be handy for a new character starting out.

Its nice they’ve given you a level 3 garrison as well; however its not fully fleshed out and has empty spaces. My warrior’s garrison had:

  • Level 3 town hall
  • Level 2 barracks
  • Level 2 lumber mill
  • Level 2 Forge – from blacksmithing
  • Level 2 storehouse
  • Level 1 herb garden
  • Level 1 mine

Which means you have one each of the level 3, level 2 and level 1 slots open to do with as you wish.


They do give you the plans for all of the level 2 buildings so you can start doing things right away – the level 3 plans need to be purchased.

This even includes the salvage yard – you don’t need to do the quest line in the Spires of Arak to access that!

However you only have 300GR to start with, along with 50GR in the garrison cache. And you only know the plans for the buildings you have – getting a fully kitted out garrison is going to cost gold for the plans and quite a lot of garrison resources.

In that light, having the lumber mill makes sense – means that you can get some GR production going. And if you upgrade that mill to level 3, getting the follower along the way, then you’ll get some good GR production. If this is an alt, sending mats to it to exchange at the trading post would also be a handy way to get the GR up.

The only downside here is that to actually get the lumbermill – and a lot of other aspects of the garrison – working correctly you must establish your base in Tanaan, shipyard and all. Until you do that the lumbermill will effectively be useless. The legendary quest will also not be offered, nor will things like the Harrison Jones quests.

If you’ve got flying on your account, running around chasing treasures would also be a good idea – you get a lot of GR from those.

bt100-followersRelated to this, you also get some followers.

You get 8 followers; one of which is level 91 and the rest are level 90. You’ll have to do so some work to get them leveled up to 100 and then geared up.

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8 Responses to Boost to 100

  1. I was really happy with the boosted character’s Garrison but the Lumber Mill isn’t working. Didn’t get a quest and can’t chop wood. I have high hopes that tomorrow’s maintenance will hopefully sort it out.

    • sivation says:

      Ouch; that’s annoying! I bet that’s thanks to it being a level 2 lumber mill so the quest isn’t offered

    • sivation says:

      From experience, it would appear that you have to establish your base in Tanaan Jungle before the lumbermill quests are offered.

      Same goes for the legendary ring starter quest, Harrison Jones, etc.

      Makes sense for a fresh 100 w/ no experience, but more irksome if this isn’t your first 100!

  2. Cinder says:

    Interesting that you get a level 3 garrison. That’s a very nice touch, though it does make sense because the levelling up of the garrison is so embedded in the levelling process. The lumber mill is a very smart inclusion.
    Thanks for sharing this – makes me think about when I’ll use my boost so I can get the most out of it.

  3. Bodhi Rana says:

    That’s awesome that you can immediately get the quest to Tanaan.

    Though, that means another ship yard. OOG!

  4. wolfgangcat says:

    Sounds interesting. I’m not sure what to use the 100 boost on – I’m thinking maybe a Paladin for the fancy new weapons but I’ve never played one before past level 40.
    Of course I could always create another Priest, DK or Warlock – what’s one more to the 5000 I have already lol.

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