Old content raid mounts farmed!

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Whilst I (slowly) write these 101 guides, I’ve been working on farming up the rare raid mounts from old content I still needed myself.

The last one I needed from old raid content dropped from Ji’Kun in the Throne of Thunder – its soloable, with major disclaimers!

This reset, the Clutch of Ji’Kun dropped!

This is something which has been a long time coming – I started working on the mounts from Karazhan, Tempest Keep and Onyxia during the end of Cataclysm and then started on more mount farming during the tail end of Mists.

It was a sign of the lack of end game content in Warlords that relatively soon after it had been released, I started working on yet more mounts – the damage boost which came in with the item level squish made farming old raids even easier – even if raids in Mists of Pandaria didn’t have that hidden buff as gear levels were normalized to the end of Mists.

If you’ve been reading these guides, you’re probably wondering “Ok, so just how long will it take for a mount to drop which has a 1% chance to drop?

The answer is that it’ll potentially never drop; over time the culumative chance tends towards 1, but never actually reaches it. I’ve spoken to people who’ve only obtained the Fiery Warhorse’s Reins from Karazhan after 300+ tries. The Rarity addon can help show this type of culumative percentage chance for you. I’ve included a graph for a 1% drop chance below. It shows nicely the “Tends to 1, but never reaches” effect.


Thankfully I’ve not been that unlucky; infact as the graph below shows, I’ve been very lucky with some – the mount from Raggy in Firelands dropping in only 23 tries is a good example of this! I wasn’t so lucky with the Onyxian drake however!

rare-mounts-triesThe Blazing Drake from Dragonsoul also took a painful number of tries and meant that I’ve listened to the unskipable roleplay in Dragonsoul for a total of Forty Hours; they really need to add a way to skip that!

Its interesting to see how long it would’ve taken me to farm these if I was using a single character – the graph below neatly shows why using as many characters as you can to maximize the tries per week makes life easier!


Whilst I’ve gotten all of the old raid content mounts, I’m not finished with mount farming yet!

I’ve still got the long tail mounts from the Pandaria world bosses – they only have a 1 in 2,000 chance to drop. I also still need one of the mounts from the Warbringers.

I also still have mounts to get from Warlords – I don’t have any from garrison invasions yet and I’m still missing one from the Rattling cages of Tanaan.

So when chasing these rare drop mounts you should remember that whilst it may take some time, by farming the mounts you have at least a chance of getting them to drop for you.

After all, the mount which isn’t farmed will never drop!

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