Mount farming: Mists world bosses

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Mists of Pandaria doesn’t just have mounts from raids; there are mounts from the four world bosses and Zandalari Warbringers – 7 mounts to be gained in total.

Whilst the Warbringers have a 5% drop rate for their mounts, the world bosses used to have a punishing 0.05% chance – or 1 in 2,000. Its that drop rate which partly inspired the post Never tell me the odds! – that low level of drops makes these the long tail “We’ll be doing this in Legion still, won’t we?” mount farming.

On the 16th November 2022, Blizzard hotfixed the drop rate for the Mists world bosses, “Greatly increasing” their drop rate.

Its not clear what the drop rate is yet, but given I had the Sha’s mount drop for me on the 15th try post-hotfix, its possible the drop rate could be higher than 1% now!

In all cases, we’ll be in Pandaria. Easy to reach given you’ve probably got your hearthstone set at the Shrine still.

All of the world bosses have a weekly lock out for loot and a shared tag – as long as you tag it, you’ll get personal loot from it.

Since writing this post the spawn time on Galleon and Oondasta have been hotfixed to be 15 minutes in 7.0.3:

2016-07-29 18_59_56-Jeremy Feasel on Twitter_ _Galleondasta Update_ after reviewing the impact of 7.

In 7.2.5 the Sha of Anger was changed to have a single spawn location near One Keg.

Sha of Anger

The Sha of Anger can be found in Kun-Lai Summit and has a 15 minute respawn timer. It has five possible spawn points. Since 7.2.5, it has a single spawn point near One Keg.

It drops Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent which can be bonus rolled using an Elder Charm of Good Fortune.


You need to wait at the spawn location near One Keg; about 10 seconds before the spawn, the ground will erupt with sha energy.

Then the sha will spawn. And be dead 5 seconds later thanks to groups of people waiting it and the DPS we have in legion.

It used to be the case you’d hang out near One Keg to catch one of the six spawn locations for the Sha; you’d end up with people flying on their favorite mounts before the mad drive to whichever of the spawn locations the Sha was at.

waiting-for-anger sha-of-anger-spawn



Galleon, aka Salyis’ Warband, can be found in the Valley of the Four Winds and used to have a long two hour respawn timer. Thankfully its been hotfixed to be 15 minutes

It drops Son of Galleon’s Saddle which can be bonus rolled using Elder Charm of Good Fortune.


The fight is painful enough you’ll really need a tank or pet class to handle the boss and the adds it summons.



Found on the Isle of Thunder, Nalak has a 15 minute respawn timer. It drops Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent which can be bonus rolled using a Mogu Rune of Fate.

The portal to the Isle of Thunder can be found in Townlong Steppes, just to the north of the Shado-Pan garrison.


If you’ve not opened the Isle of Thunder on a character yet you’ll need to do a scenario to do so – trivial to do now at level 100 and it talks you through what you need to do. Talk to the quest giver marked below if the portal isn’t up.


Once you’re on the islane, make your way to Nalak – the route below is for the Alliance. The Horde start at the Dawnseeker Promontory.


Nalak hits quite hard; you’ll need to be a tank or be a pet class to solo Nalak. That said, you can use the Shado-Pan guards at the enterence to the Throne of Thunder raid instance; tag Nalak and run towards the guards. When Nalak gets close, they’ll help.

If you do get the guards to assist, make sure you don’t get knocked back into the raid instance when Nalak does its arc nova!


However for the past few weeks I’ve not had to solo Nalak; there have been a lot of other mount hunters waiting for Nalak.

nalak-mount-hunter-biker-gang waiting-for-nalak

This does mean that Nalak dies quickly when it is engaged. You need to be there when it spawns to have a chance of tagging it.


Found on the Isle of Giants beyond the northern edge of Kun-Lai summit, Oondasta is another boss which used to have a two hour respawn. It was hotfixed in 7.0.3 to have a 15 minute respawn.

It drops Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn which can be bonus rolled using a Mogu Rune of Fate.


The easiest way to get there is to just fly across the fatigue zone from Kun-Lai to the island. When you get dismounted you can use a Goblin Glider to fly to the plateau Ooondasta spawns at.


If you time it right you can check to see if Oondasta has spawned and if not, swing around to the fly point which is the only way to leave without using a hearthstone.

Oondasta itself hits very hard and you will need a tank.


Zandalari Warbringers

The Zandalari Warbringers have spawn points in most of the Pandaria zones and can drop three different mounts. They have a respawn timer of 50 minutes to an hour.

Unlike the world bosses these can be killed as often as you want each week; however there is no shared tag. You must be the first to tag the mob to get the loot.


There are three different colours of primordial direhorn which can drop and not all of the Warbringers will drop the one you’re after so pick your spawn point carefully!

Townlong Steppes Dread Wastes Krasarang Wilds Kun-Lai Summit The Jade Forest
Slate tick tick tick tick tick
Jade tick tick tick tick
Amber tick tick tick tick

Once they spawn they’re fairly easy to solo by any DPS or tanking class.

If you’re flying from Jade Forest to Kun-Lai you may find the warbringer being annoying – it appears that there is one present until you move into the cross realm area. And it shifts away; most annoying!

You can’t bonus roll these mounts, but the 5% drop rate means its less painful than the mounts from the world bosses to farm these.



Huolon can be found on the Timeless Isle and drops Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent; it only has a 1% chance of dropping, but you can kill Huolon as many times as you want in a week for a chance of the mount.It has a shared tag, but it is killed very quickly once it spawns – so you need to be waiting for it.

Huolon has a respawn similar to the other Timeless Isle rares – its between 30 and 60 minutes so the only real option is to sit & wait at the place shown below. Fortunately if you’re also farming the Champions of the Black Flame for their toy – the Blackflame Daggers – then you can see Huolon spawn & run down the hill to catch Huolon!

I’d recommend getting the addon RareCoordinator to track the spawn times of Huolon and other Timeless Isle rares. Only downside is that it hasn’t been updated since the end of Mists so may well not work in Legion.

The fastest way to reach the Isle is using the Time-List Artifact trinket which teleports you to the Timeless Isle directly.

Otherwise you have to fly; you can use a flying mount directly from the Jade Forest, but have a goblin glider ready for when you’re dismounted. If you go up high enough you can land right where you’ll be waiting for Huolon!


You’ll need to wait where the skull icon is below – that’s the first point after spawning where Huolon will fly into range.


This is the view of where you wait – you can see the other mount collectors waiting for Huolon here!



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    The Sha of Anger mind control can be avoided by running away from him and then after the debuff expired resuming killing him

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