Mount farming – Firelands

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Oh Firelands; it’s red, red and even more red. There are also two mounts here. Both of which are, well, red!

mounts-flametalon Flametalon of Alysrazor Alysrazor
mounts-smoldering-egg Smoldering Egg of Millagazor Ragnaros

Both mounts have a 1% drop rate. They can drop on any difficulty and in any raid size.


If you’re a level capped DPS character you should have no problems here; I’m running Firelands 25 normal every week on my 697 ilvl feral druid with no problems each week. That ilvl came from only baleful items, neck/trinket from Kazzak so should be easy enough to get. My druid doesn’t even have any stage of the legendary ring either!

You will need a ranged attack or taunt for Beth’tilac – rogues, you may want to spec into Shuriken Toss for this. Warriors may want to use Storm Bolt


Things to note

If you like red or fire based transmog items then Firelands is the place for you! Most of the items have a fire motif to them, in keeping with the zone. Normal items tend to be more yellow, heroic more red.

There are 16 different BoE items which drop, 9 from bosses and the rest as a zone drop. They range from the Ward of the Red Widow, an awesome looking shield from Beth’tilac. And then there is Volcanospike from Lord Rhyolith which dropped so often at level we renamed it Vendorspike, in honor of that other “Oh no! Not this again!” weapon, Shadowstrike from Sulfuron Harbinger in Molten Core.

Today, the BoEs from Firelands do sell for some gold, but a lot of people are suffering from full banks and void storage. That’ll change with the Wardrobe coming in Legion. So you may see prices go up for some of the transmog items.

If you are a DPS caster then you can work towards getting the legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest which looks awesome and has some great lore moments. Including summoning a large number of ghostly blue dragons over your capital city. If you do chase this I’d recommend running Firelands on 25HC as the drop rate for the items is higher

When Firelands was current content, the staff Fandral’s Flamescythe – which dropped from Majordomo Staghelm – had an on-use effect of turning feral druids into flame kitties. Whilst that effect is no longer on that weapon, Majordomo now drops the toy Fandral’s Seed Pouch which can give you the same effect.


Using a saved lock

There is some debate as to if using a saved lock is worth it or not in Firelands given how easy it is to run through.

You can access Alysrazor for her mount without killing any other boss or mob

Whilst you can do the first four bosses in any order, Baleroc is only accessible once you’ve killed those four. Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros are gated behind Baleroc

If you’re only after the mount from Ragnaros then a saved lock with Majordomo dead will save you ~20 minutes per character you run through Firelands.

Personally I don’t use a lock as Firelands 25 doesn’t take that long to run, you’ll get ~1-2k in gold and lots of BoEs to put on the AH / save for the Wardrobe in Legion.


Getting there

The entrance to Firelands is found in Mount Hyjal; the easiest way to get there is to use the portal from your capital city to Mount Hyjal. Once there, fly south to the portal to Firelands


Its really easy to see the place from afar


And the entrance is easy enough to find


Once you’re in the Firelands it has a relatively simple layout. The first four bosses can be done in any order you wish. You have to do Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros in that order.

The order of the bosses in this post is the order I personally do them in




I like to get Shannox over and done with since the boss doesn’t spawn until you’ve killed a good amount of trash in the instance – you’ll probably find you’ll get a good number of BoEs, including BoE epics mentioned previously, here.

I tend to kill trash in the area in red below:


You’ll know you’re getting the attention of the boss when you get the following zonewide emote:


Keep killing and you’ll get the second emote:


Once you’ve killed enough trash the boss will finally spawn:


Shannox spawns behind the gate to Baleroc and paths around the zone


I tend to kill the boss just after the bridge shown below:


The boss fight is pretty simple now – just nuke him hard, ignoring the dogs completely



From Shannox we come to Beth’tilac; I take the following route:


If you can stealth then you can do so in where the line above turns yellow; you can then ignore the trash in the way.

If you can’t stealth then most of the trash isn’t too painful. The exception is the last group before the boss:


Since the mob marked with a skull does a damage prevention shield which has to be interrupted. Then you come into the boss’s room.


The boss is a giant fire spider & there will be a lot of spiders during the fight; arachnophobia is a good reason to use a saved raid lock with Beth’tilac dead!

When you pull the boss – with a ranged attack – the boss immediately goes above on top of its web and isn’t targetable.

To reach the boss we need one of the cinderweb spinners to drop down; they have to be either taunted down or killed with a ranged attack to do this.


A short while after one has been killed a strand of silk will drop down; you’ll have ~10s to get on it before it despawns. It acts like a vehicle with the usual mouseover icon:


This takes you up on top of the web so you can DPS the boss:


When you’re above the web there are two things you need to be aware of; meteors and how you get down again!

At various times meteors will land on the web which do some damage but also make a hole in the web. If you happen to be standing there when it hits, or if you run over it later, then you’ll fall through and have to find your way back up again as at the start. The graphic for where the meteor falls is marked in purple.

Once you’ve gotten the boss to 1HP she’ll drop under the web; you can follow by using the area marked in green.

Make sure you have at least one DoT on the boss; when the boss lands there will be a lot of other mobs around – and the smallest ones, Cinderweb spiderings, will heal the boss if they reach her. Having a DoT on her means that when she activates again she’ll die right away.


Lord Rhyolith

From Beth’tilac we make our way over to Lord Rhyolith’s hill. For some reason he likes to be far away from the others & able to look out all over the Firelands! The route I take is:


On the way up the hill there are flame patches to avoid & some trash – just keep running & kill the three named trash mobs at the top.


At the top you’ll find Lord Rhyolith, on an island surrounded by lava.


His legs are individually targetable, but he isn’t. With this fight you just have to nuke down the leg I’ve marked with a skull above. This will take longer than you’d expect due to fight mechanics – but the DPS boost you have from the ilvl squish means you don’t really have to worry about it.

There is also an indicator which appears on the screen; don’t worry – you can pretty much ignore this unless you’re going for the Not an Ambi-Turner achievement.


Suffice to say, just nuke one leg. The boss will pretty much just walk around in a circle – irksome if you’re a melee! This goes on until the leg is broken.

When that happens the boss will sit down & turn into a flaming mob who dies fast.




Next up we have Alysrazor who has two ways of being handled, depending on your gear level.

There is a 1% chance Alysrazor will drop the mount Flametalon of Alysrazor, which is a ground only flame bird mount.

We start by going back down the hill from Lord Rhyolith’s hill.


We then come to some fun trash


The piles of eggs will spawn mobs soon after combat starts – I’d kill those first. Apart from that, this is fairly easy trash – just nuke down! The two large flame hawks become active when combat starts, but they don’t move – just firing patches of fire at you. Easy to dodge and just burn down.

Once the trash is dead, we have the boss itself – Majordomo Staghelm is walking around captured druids


Just hit Majordomo Staghelm with any ability; he’ll monologue at you a bit, give you the debuff Smouldering Roots – which stuns you – and then summons Alysrazor.


The appearence of the boss coincides with the smouldering roots running out

This is where the way to do the fight changes; if you have good gear – eg ilvl 700 with the legendary ring – then you can just nuke Alysrazor and the boss will be dead before it takes off. You can also ignore the talon rake the boss does. If you can do this, then skip ahead to Baleroc!

I found I can just manage this on my druid, but it was close

If you have to handle Alysrazor flying, then you’ll need to handle the feathers mechanic. When the fight starts you’ll get an extra indicator which shows you how many feathers you’ve picked up:


You’ll need to collect three feathers here; fortunately as Alysrazor is doing her talon rake, lots of feathers are being left behind:


Click on three of them and you’ll gain the Wings of Flame buff which allows you to fly! If being shot high up in the air wasn’t a big enough hint, the feather indicator will also show you when this happens:


The buff only lasts for 30s, which should be enough. But you can fly through the rings of fire Alysrazor leaves behind to gain a haste buff and reset the wings of flame buff


This mechanic may seem familiar if you’ve done the Darkmoon Faire; the Brood of Alysrazor achievement which rewards the Blazing Wings toy is directly based on the Alysrazor boss mechanics.

Alysrazor has a large hit box so melee can easily pick up the rings and DPS Alysrazor down. In fact when Firelands was current content one of the prefered classes to go up would be a Death Knight – the haste buff being really good for them



Now we come to Baleroc, the gatekeeper of Firelands. If you went up in the air when you killed Alysrazor its likely you still have time left on the Wings of Flame after looting Alysrazor. You can use that to fly quickly into Baleroc’s area, although you have to use the gate thanks to invisible walls.


Kill the trash and then you face Baleroc himself


This is a complex fight with debuff sharing, special healing abilities…

… and who am I kidding? When Firelands was current Baleroc was a fun boss with some nice mechanics requiring good coordination. Now?

Just nuke the boss down


Majordomo Staghelm

After defeating Baleroc there is a chasim between you and the last two bosses


Click on the orb on the right hand side and select the “Give the orb a good shake” option. This starts a cinematic which brings the bridge into being. It was cool the first time I watched it, but now I tend to escape out of it & handle the loot from Baleroc whilst the bridge spawns!


Majordomo has some trash – there are always two casters; in the 10 player raid size you only have two flame kitties to deal with. In 25 player raids there are four.


The Druid of the Flame mobs in flame cat form are annoying to handle; they do a regular cast of Reckless Leap which stuns if it hits you. It’ll also stun you as well! Handling two in the 10 player raid isn’t too bad, but they become irksome with four in the 25 player raid.

Once the trash is dead the boss moves down; just nuke him down


Majordomo has some nice pieces of transmog and has a 1% chance for druids to get the toy Fandral’s Seed Pouch which turns their feral form into a flame kitty.



So now we come to Ragnaros; the boss has a 1% chance to drop Smoldering Egg of Millagazor

Run through the doorway behind the now dead Majordomo Staghelm and you’ll see the one piece of trash you’ll have to kill


Nuke the Lava Wielder down fast; if you don’t do it fast enough it’ll raise up lava which will hurt. The two worms can be ignored – they’ll not aggro even if you run past them unstealthed

Now we come to Ragnaros himself


This is basically a nuke fight; my druid doesn’t quite have the DPS to kill him before the first splitting blow occurs, but so long as you’re not standing on where the splitting blow is going to be you can just keep on DPSing Ragnaros

What the splitting blow spawn looks like

What the splitting blow spawn looks like

Once the hammer falls Ragnaros will drop under the lava and will be untargetable. Instead you’ll get eight sons of Ragnaros running towards the hammer; you can basically ignore them – the explosion which happens when they reach it tickles now! You can speed up the submerged phase by killing any lagard Sons.


When Ragnaros emerges he should be either dead or very close to it; just keep on nuking him down. When he dies the cache of loot will spawn. You may end up in combat for a bit longer as it takes time for Ragnaros to notice that you’ve actually killed him!


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7 Responses to Mount farming – Firelands

  1. dyingearth says:

    If you have enough dps (iLevel 705+), you might as well do this in 25 Heroic for more gold drop.

    • sivation says:

      That is true; I’m currently doing it on 25 normal on my druid as her gear is quite there yet. Very little difference in time between 10 & 25 on normal after all!

      • The great thing about Feral is that it has insane burst dps. At an item level of 698 I can easily clear the raid on 25H. Bosses fall quickly with Berserk + Incarnation. Would be even better if I was using Blood Talons but I usually use Lunar Inspiration for the ranged damage.

        • sivation says:

          That is true; however I was handling it without too many problems so hopefully other classes who don’t have quite the burst can handle it as well!

  2. mraymus says:

    Great guide. I know this is late in coming, but I’m going back and doing a lot of old stuff right now. I just got Glory of the Firelands Raider and I’m now hoping to get the other two mounts that come form the firelands. While I’m at it I might as well be working towards this cool Dragonwrath thing. Thanks for all the info.

    • sivation says:

      Good luck with your mount farming!

      Firelands is one of the reasons why I’d love to be able to box up BoP mounts to give to others – I ended up getting duplicates whilst I was farming the druid seed pouch toy on my druid :facepalm:

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