Darkmoon and Professions

The Darkmoon Faire is giving skillups for Dragonflight professions – along with profession knowledge and Artisan’s Mettle

However you will need to have at least 75 points in the classic profession!

You can’t just roll a char, boost to 110, learn the Kul’Tiran professions and then get +5 skillups from the Darkmoon Faire!

The splitting out of professions into each expansion has made obtaining professions for the current expansion much easier for new characters. No longer do you find yourself in Burning Crusade content to get mats!

With the professions update in Dragonflight, its become much harder to level up professions. And we have to worry about knowledge points to put into the profession talents now.

In Dragonflight, the Darkmoon Faire profession quests are no longer rewarding +5 skillups. Instead, the rewards are:

  • +2 skill up
  • 15x Artisan’s Mettle
  • 3x Dragon Isles Knowledge for the profession

Cooking and fishing have +3 to their skill up to make up for not having profession knowledge or a need for Artisan’s Mettle

As before, the downside is remembering the items you have to take with you into the Faire to do the quests! I made the table below when I came to run alts through the Faire yet again and went “Right, what do I need again?

The majority of the items below can be purchased from the professions vendor near the DMF portal. The only exception is the Moonberry Juice for Alchemy which is purchased from the Inn.

Tradeskill Faire Quest Take with you…
A Fizzy Fusion 5x Moonberry Juice
Fun for the Little Ones 15x Fossil Archaeology Fragment
Putting the Crunch in the Frog 5x Simple Flour
Writing the Future 5x Light Parchment
Eyes on the Prizes 10x Shiny Bauble
5x Coarse Thread
5x Blue Dye
Banners, Banners Everywhere! 1x Coarse Thread
1x Red Dye
1x Blue Dye
Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes Nothing
Thermal Anvil reduces travel time
Keeping the Faire Sparkling Nothing
Rearm, Reuse, Recycle Nothing
Tan My Hide Nothing
Putting Trash to Good Use Nothing
Talkin’ Tonks Nothing
First Aid
Putting the Carnies Back Together Again Nothing
Spoilin’ for Salty Sea Dogs Nothing
Herbs for Healing Nothing

A good example of the professions leveling is Alchemy; I found that to go above 750 skill I need the rank 3 flask recipes. And they only come from making lots & lots of flasks – you can get a rank 3 recipe whilst crafting. So you end up making a large number of flasks with no skillups at all. This does mean that flasks tend to be cheap on the AH – too many alchemists chasing skill ups! And when they do have rank 3 flask recipes they’ll make multiple. Great for raiders, but less useful for making gold from alchemy!

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1 Response to Darkmoon and Professions

  1. Marathal says:

    I hit 800 on my Tailor yesterday. To hit 795 I made about 50 pairs of legs to go from about 791 to 795. Fortunately I was able to obliterate them and sold off the Obliterum to recoup losses. As it is? It feels like wasted effort. There is maybe 1 or two pieces of gear I could craft for myself, spend about 20-25k in mats depending. To make a piece 5 points higher than what I have gotten doing World Quests and a few Mythic Dungeons. The time it took to level compared to the time spent getting better rewards was just another expansion of recipes good for Transmog.

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