Cooking: GF toad in the hole

Made a gluten free toad in the hole last night which was rather tasty!

Toad in the hole” does sound a bit odd – in the UK its sausages in a batter which rises. According to my US colleagues, they’d be expecting a fried piece of bread with a hole in the middle, into which an egg is broken into!

This is the UK version – although I’ve been known to make such bread + egg things in the past as they’re quite tasty. So long as you leave the egg yolk runny!


  • 6x sausages
    I used Heck’s 97% pork sausages for this
  • 300g Gluten free self raising flour
    I used Doves Farm Gluten free white self raising flour for this – its a blend of rice, potato, tapioca, maize & buckwheat flours, combined with some raising agents and xanthan gum so it’ll hold its structure
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 200ml whole milk
  • 200ml water
  • 2x eggs
  • 3tbsp olive oil



Cook the sausages in a hot oven to pre-brown them – I cooked them for 20 minutes 200C / 400F / GM6, turning them once.

Mix all the other ingredients – with the exception of the olive oil – together, getting as much air into the mixture you can.

Add the olive to a large oven dish and pre-heat it for 10 minutes at 220C / 450F / GM8.

Once it is nice and hot, add the batter mixture to it. Then add the sausages.

Cook for 35-40 minutes at 220C / 450F / GM8, or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.


End result

This worked well and was tasty!

I think I could get away with halving the amount of batter used – as you can probably tell from the picture below, there wasn’t space for all the batter in the dish I was intending to use!

It did rise quite well though!



The following is an estimate of the nutirional values for this, based on the ingredients used and weights.

Per 100g
Kcal 232
Fat 11g
Saturated fat 4g
Carbs 23g
Sugars 1g
Fibre 0g
Protein 10g


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