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Soloing in a 6.0 World – Personal Experience

In Soloing in a 6.0 world I went over some of the older raids which are soloable now. I thought I’d give a quick update from my experiences with actually running the raids over a number of different characters.

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Soloing Warbringers – shadowpriest vs BM hunter

The Zandalari Warbringers are good to kill thanks to them dropping mounts, profession mats and rep tokens which sell for good gold. However soloing them can be somewhat fun! The following came from a discussion about the soloing of Warbringers … Continue reading

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I’m a bad hunter…

You can tell my hunter is an alt – even if she is rocking a nice transmog – she doesn’t have much in the way of stat pets! So, with the help of The Hunters’ Union and Petopia I decided … Continue reading

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