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How much is that Left Shark in the window?

An awesome item drops in the world! What shall you do with it? Should you vendor it? Looks valuable, someone may want it! You could shout out in /trade; you could also use the auction house. … but how much … Continue reading

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Never tell me the odds!

[See Master Post] Now that I’ve farmed up most of the easier mounts, I’m left with a sinking feeling that the only ones left are the long tail mounts. The ones with an insanely low drop rate.

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Warlords: Now that we have a date

Now that we have the date of release for Warlords we can finally do some comparisons with how Mists has stacked up against other expanisons. There is also the question of when the 6.0 systems patch is released which has … Continue reading

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Warlords: Raid testing is here

Blizzard announced today that raid testing was to start on the Warlords beta – a sign that development is moving on with Warlords and we’ll hopefully we’ll see it soon. Question is, how soon?

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Warlords Beta Predictions

In a previous post I talked about expansion dates and I mentioned I started off by looking at beta release dates for Warlords. With only four expansions of betas to work with we don’t have a large amount of data, … Continue reading

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WoW expansion dates

Note: please see Warlords: Now that we have a date for updated graphs About a week ago the graphs below started to make the rounds on the WoW-related parts of the Interwebs, largely thanks to @HowToPriest and @Bashiok re-tweeting them, … Continue reading

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