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Time to bid farewell to professions?

Professions have been in WoW since the start of the game and the system which they’re based on – gather things to make an item, perhaps gaining a skill up in the process, thus being able to make more complex … Continue reading

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Darkmoon and Professions

The Darkmoon Faire is giving skillups for Shadowlands professions However you will need to have at least 75 points in the classic profession! You can’t just roll a char, boost to 110, learn the Kul’Tiran professions and then get +5 … Continue reading

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Secondary professions – Not quite dead yet

In The death of secondary professions I wrote about how it felt that Warlords had removed the need for professions like cooking, fishing, etc. I also noted that changes coming in 6.1 may help with this. Now that 6.1 has … Continue reading

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The death of secondary professions?

I’ve always enjoyed the secondary professions in WoW; in vanilla I spent many an hour fishing up Nightfin Snappers outside of Stratholm to make Nightfin soup for raiding. Having first aid maxed out also made sense – any extra healing … Continue reading

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Garrison followers for professions

I’ve really liked garrisons in Warlords; it’s good to have a home away from home – moreso now that I have dwarfs guarding the garrison of my main. It’s a little slice of Ironforge on Draenor! The garrison has buildings … Continue reading

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I sought knowledge and found it!

I’ve slowly been working on The Seat of Knowledge archeology achievement which rewards the title Seeker of Knowledge. After much digging stuff up – I’m so glad I was doing this on a dwarf thanks to one of their racial … Continue reading

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