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BfA – Battle for Attention

I’m in an unusual situation; somewhere I’ve never been in all the years I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. My thoughts of late have been along the lines of: “Meh” “What’s the point?” “Why am I logging in?” “What other … Continue reading

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Never tell me the odds!

[See Master Post] Now that I’ve farmed up most of the easier mounts, I’m left with a sinking feeling that the only ones left are the long tail mounts. The ones with an insanely low drop rate.

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Soloing in a 6.0 world – level 100 edition

My post Soloing in a 6.0 world has been rather popular, most likely as a lot of people found as I did that the hidden buff you get when in an old raid instance made soloing much easier. However that … Continue reading

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Time is Money friend!

You may have noticed from my Waiting for Warlords posts that I’m a mount collecter. And I’m currently missing two of the Recruit a friend mounts…

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The sorrow of the shadow priest, redeux

In The sorrow of the shadow priest I compared my shadow priest to my warlock and it was a depressing experience. I’m going to repeat things, but this time I’ll be looking at level 90 in the beta. I’ll cover … Continue reading

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10 years – 10 answers

The Godmother has posted a list of 10 questions for the 10 years of WoW – this blog post has my answers.

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Letting the farms go fallow

One of the better parts of Mists of Pandaria has been the farm at Sunsong Ranch – its been a great source of materials and fun.

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Hello! TapTapTap This thing oBOOOOOOOM! .. oh well, I guess that what comes from having a gnomish engineer who plays with the goblins set things up. Great for blowing things up, not so good when it comes to more fine-grained … Continue reading

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