Never tell me the odds!

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Now that I’ve farmed up most of the easier mounts, I’m left with a sinking feeling that the only ones left are the long tail mounts. The ones with an insanely low drop rate.

Which just means I end up having this clip playing in my head!

Don’t tell me the odds!

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Old content raid mounts farmed!

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Whilst I (slowly) write these 101 guides, I’ve been working on farming up the rare raid mounts from old content I still needed myself.

The last one I needed from old raid content dropped from Ji’Kun in the Throne of Thunder – its soloable, with major disclaimers!

This reset, the Clutch of Ji’Kun dropped!

Stats and other thoughts

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Mount farming: Ulduar

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There is only one mount in Ulduar, but its a special one – Mimiron’s Head. As usual, it has a 1% drop rate.

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Accumulating Apexis: Time to Strike

In Accumulating Apexis I wrote about grinding for apexis crystals by using the Assault on Skettis quest, purchasable for 200GR.

These days if you want to get apexis crystals you should run the Tanaan Jungle daily quests. Those, combined with the crystals mobs drop, will give you plenty.

However, Assault on Skettis still has a use – the Time to Strike weekend event

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Boost to 100

With the pre-order of Legion came not only the mount & pet, but also the boost to 100.

After the boost to 90 was included in the Warlords pre-order and I couldn’t use it, having leveled everything to 90 already, I deliberately kept back one character who the boost would be used on.

Boost to 100, the details

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Of wolf and … moose?

Several months ago the Grove Warden mount was data mined and people were excited to see that we’d finally get a moose mount. It was also tagged as a store mount which made people happy as anyone would be able to get it.

And you can see why people were excited to see the mount – not only is it the only moose mount in game, but its rather pretty to boot!


And then the 6.2.3 PTR patch notes came out.

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Guild cash flow

One of the things Warlords of Draenor changed was guilds – guilds no longer leveled and a good number of perks were removed. Instead all guilds would have the same perks and a lot of the missing perks would be baked in.

During the beta I made a number of posts about this; Warlords beta – guild perks reduced has the list of the perks removed and Guild perks – the downside to a beta has some details of the baked in perks.

However one major perk wasn’t going to be baked in – Cash Flow, which put an extra 10% of all gold earned by guild members into the guild bank. That perk is partly why you’d often by spammed by guild invites when first creating a character during Mists and Cata. The process was:

  1. Get a level 25 guild
  2. Turn off guild repairs & ability for people to take gold out
  3. Get lots of active members – spam invites, talk up the guild perks, etc
  4. Sit back and watch the 10% cash flow gold roll in

In raiding guilds the cash flow perk was great for providing funds for repairs; for Warlords Blizzard said they’d have more BoE items drop in raids which could be sold on the auction house to provide the funds cash flow used to.

How well did they do?

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