Cooking: GF sweet potato waffles

This is an alternative to the GF waffles I made previously; they use sweet potato to help give a better texture. They work surprising well!

The recipe

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Cooking: GF toad in the hole

Made a gluten free toad in the hole last night which was rather tasty!

Toad in the hole” does sound a bit odd – in the UK its sausages in a batter which rises. According to my US colleagues, they’d be expecting a fried piece of bread with a hole in the middle, into which an egg is broken into!

This is the UK version – although I’ve been known to make such bread + egg things in the past as they’re quite tasty. So long as you leave the egg yolk runny!

The recipe

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Classic vs Retail

Classic WoW happened and it seems to be quite popular, especially if Twitch viewership is anything to go by. It’s gaining people from private servers, players after a nostalgia trip back to ~15 years ago and newer players who’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

What can we learn about retail from classic

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Cooking: GF waffles

Made some quick & simple GF waffles today thanks to a recipe from @Pookachu_

The recipe

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Cooking: GF Cinnamon twists

Cooking time again; this time gluten free cinnamon twists – really easy to make, if you’ve got ready made gluten free puff pastry to hand!

The recipe

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Cooking: GF Muffins

This post is a bit of a departure from the main WoW theme of the blog – it is a recipe for gluten free muffins!


The recipe

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How much is that Left Shark in the window?

An awesome item drops in the world! What shall you do with it? Should you vendor it? Looks valuable, someone may want it! You could shout out in /trade; you could also use the auction house.

… but how much to charge?

…the one with flapping fin

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BfA – Battle for Attention

I’m in an unusual situation; somewhere I’ve never been in all the years I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. My thoughts of late have been along the lines of:

What’s the point?
Why am I logging in?
What other games can replace WoW?

Whilst other expansions have definitely had their down points – often during the content gaps at the end of expansions – Battle for Azeroth has me looking at the game for the first time and going “Why am I doing this?“.

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Honor rewards in Battle for Azeroth compared to Legion

Battle of Azeroth will soon be upon us and with it, a change to the casual PvP system from Legion.

tl;dr grind as much honor as you can before the pre-patch hits

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Time to bid farewell to professions?

Professions have been in WoW since the start of the game and the system which they’re based on – gather things to make an item, perhaps gaining a skill up in the process, thus being able to make more complex things – hasn’t really changed that much over WoW’s history.

Of late I’ve been pondering if professions should be removed from WoW.

Wait, what?

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