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Whilst we wait for Warlords

We know that Warlords will be released in around three months, with the systems patch happening in around two months time. This means that now is the perfect time to finish off any achievements or things which would either be … Continue reading

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Warlords: Now that we have a date

Now that we have the date of release for Warlords we can finally do some comparisons with how Mists has stacked up against other expanisons. There is also the question of when the 6.0 systems patch is released which has … Continue reading

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The sorrow of the shadow priest

The very first character I rolled – a Dwarfen priest – is still my main. He healed through vanilla and then discovered the joys of melting faces with a shadow priest during the Burning Crusade, even if our DPS was … Continue reading

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Letting the farms go fallow

One of the better parts of Mists of Pandaria has been the farm at Sunsong Ranch – its been a great source of materials and fun.

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